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Title: 中文環境閱讀知能評量指標之研究
A Study to Design Reading Competence Indicators and Assessment for Grades 1-6 Students in Taiwan
Authors: 陳昭珍
Li, Yang-Ching
Keywords: 閱讀能力
Reading Ability
Reading Competence Indicators
reading comprehension assessment
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 閱讀是學習的基礎,藉由閱讀吸收日後在社會上發展所需的知識。目前我國政府正積極推動閱讀,但在推動閱讀的過程中,除了豐富的閱讀推廣活動之外,教師和家長更需要能夠判斷兒童閱讀知能的指標,才能真正了解閱讀活動對兒童閱讀知能發展的成效,目前我國中小學進行閱讀指導教學,以教育部公布之九年一貫國語文閱讀能力指標為教學依據,但指標是否真正落實在閱讀指導活動與閱讀知能評估?而九年一貫國語文閱讀能力指標所評定的面向是否完整涵括了兒童閱讀知能發展的各個面向?本研究預計從兒童閱讀知能發展的各個面向去檢視我國九年一貫國語文閱讀能力指標和國外閱讀能力指標相關的研究,希望能夠為中文環境的兒童所適用的閱讀知能指標提出建議,幫助教師和家長如何了解兒童的閱讀知能發展階段,有哪些指標可以判定兒童的閱讀能力,以提供最符合其需求的閱讀指導策略,讓閱讀指導活動能夠真正的落實在學校、圖書館及家庭。
Presently, the reading education in elementary and secondary schools in Taiwan is based on the reading competence indicators of Mandarin in grade 1-9 curriculum announced by the Ministry of Education, but the indicators are focused mainly in language art and writing ability, the reading competence is just a small part of it, so we can say that we don’t have indicators just for reading competence. Besides, most of the students just read by themselves without any formal reading instructions, or teachers just ask them to write some abstracts of books, as a result these activities make reading unattractive to students. This study is based on one principle: make students find pleasure in reading ; we tried to design the reading competence indicators and assessment with focus on elementary school students, and the draft of reading competence indicators is based on the reading competence indicators of Mandarin in grade 1-9 curriculum announced by the Ministry of Education, the reading competence indicators by the National Research Council and the assessment of PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study). We also invited teachers in elementary schools, reading research experts and librarians for focus-group interviewing to evaluate this draft. Finally, we developed the reading competence indicators and assessment adapted to the leveled books for children; these tools can be used to record the reactions of children and evaluate their level of reading competence.
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