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Title: RSS使用者之訂閱與遊歷行為分析研究
A Study on RSS Users’ Subscription and Navigation Behaviors
Authors: 卜小蝶
Hsiao-Tieh, Pu
Yi-Wei, Wong
Keywords: 網路資訊服務
Web Information Service
RSS(Really Simple Syndication)
Web Page Navigation Behavior
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 上網搜尋除以搜尋引擎的關鍵字檢索功能來獲取相關資訊外,使用者也可訂閱感興趣主題的RSS服務,定期接收相關資訊。本研究之主要目的即是探究RSS使用者之訂閱及遊歷行為特性,包括使用者訂閱RSS的主要觸發動機與訂閱管道、訂閱的內容類別與數量及使用者操作與遊歷行為。 本研究嘗試採用遊歷行為記錄分析、內容分析、訪談與觀察等方法。研究對象主要為訂閱超過100種Feed的12位重度RSS使用者,以側錄軟體LogSquare錄下受試者每次瀏覽所訂閱RSS內容之遊歷過程。同時,研究者也嘗試不定期進行非介入式之觀察,確保受試者之操作能順利進行。側錄工作共進行21天,共收集受試者26小時之遊歷記錄,之後再進行編碼與分析。此外,本研究也分析了受試者所訂閱之RSS內容,以瞭解其訂閱主題與分類行為特性。最後根據上述所得重點,設計訪談大綱及進行深度訪談,以進一步瞭解其使用經驗與建議。 主要研究結果包括:受試者各人訂閱內容之重複率頗低,顯示受試者之訂閱興趣具有相當個人化色彩;訂閱動機以好奇及滿足資訊需求及個人興趣為主;關於遊歷行為特性,受試者之基本功能使用頻率頗高,但特殊功能則較少使用;受試者經常開啟固定數量視窗、分批閱讀;在閱讀過程中,常先閱讀大量標題與摘要,再依感興趣內容程度決定閱讀之優先次序;此外,過程中部分受試者出現連結及瀏覽RSS以外的網路資源等延伸閱讀行為;根據受試者之遊歷行為特性,本研究以系統功能操作程度與內容閱讀深度為基礎,嘗試分析受試者之遊歷類型,包括寫作型、知識型、系統型與隨意型等使用者類型。 根據上述結果,本研究針對RSS閱讀器之系統設計與服務提出一些具體改善建議。如RSS內容提供者可撰寫吸引使用者目光的標題,以利增加點選率,或提供資訊型摘要,以利使用者快速瞭解資訊內容。或如RSS閱讀器可提供使用者自行調整顯示介面之功能,以符合個人遊歷習慣;增強互動性功能之設計,如提供遊歷歷史記錄及提供多元篩選功能等。未來研究方向包括擴大研究範圍、發展出描述RSS遊歷模式的架構,並且比較RSS與其他資訊獲取方式如使用者鍵入關鍵字取得資訊的方式,進行異同比較與研究兩者的整合可能性。
The current Internet users search for web information are roughly divided into two ways: one is the use of search engine keyword search function to access to relevant pages, another is to subscribe to topics of interest, and then the system provide users relevant information, which is called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). This study attempt to study the users’ RSS subscriptions and navigation behavioral characteristics, including the motivations of subscribe to RSS, subscribe to the contents of the categories and quantity, and users navigating behaviors. Object of study is the 12 heavy RSS users who subscribe to more than 100 kinds of FEED. At the same time, researchers have tried to conduct non-invasive type of observation, to ensure that the objects of the operation can be carried out smoothly. It were recorded for the work of a total of 21 days, collected 26 hours of navigating records, then coding and analysis of these data. The main research findings show that users to subscribe to the contents with low repetition rate. Motivations to subscribe is curiosity and to meet the information needs and personal interest-based. In the course of reading, often the first to read a large number of titles and abstracts, then the priorities to reading articles according to the level of users’ interest, then defined the users’ model of navigation behavior as follows: writing type, knowledge-based, system type and random pattern. Finally, the study provides some suggestions on improving the services of personal information, system functions of RSS Reader and benefit further research, such as RSS content providers to attract users’ attention can write the funny title, to facilitate the increase in clicking rates, or to provide information-based summary to facilitate the users to quickly understand the information content. Or if the RSS reader can display interfaces with self-adjustment of the function to meet the individual navigating habits, and so on. Direction for future studies include expanding the scope of study, to develop a model describing the structure of RSS navigation of users, and compare RSS and other information access methods.
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