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Title: 以平衡計分卡探討大學圖書館管理決策需求
Authors: 謝建成
Keywords: 大學圖書館
University Library
Balanced scorecard
Management and Decision-Making
Evidence-Based Librarianship
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 大學圖書館管理決策議題多元,管理者在管理決策判斷時,缺乏科學化的資訊。本研究即實地瞭解現今大學圖書館管理決策的考量因素和參考資訊,秉持實證圖書館學的概念,盡可能地記錄圖書館平日作業的內外部資料,大學圖書館管理者將能從中取得有根據的管理決策輔助資料。 本研究的主要目的,即在以平衡計分卡探討大學圖書館管理決策之考量因素與參考資訊。研究首先瞭解美國維吉尼亞大學圖書館2001~2007年平衡計分卡的評鑑準則,整理出大學圖書館管理議題。接著,利用深入訪談法針對國內設有圖書資訊學系所之大學圖書館管理者為訪談對象,瞭解他們的管理決策需求。最後,將搜集到的管理需求加上本研究的觀點,整理出圖書館內外部資料、圖書館作業及管理決策議題間的關係。
The management and decision-making of university library has many different issues.When a manager makes decision, it often lacks scientific information.This research really understands that nowadays decision-making of university library has the cause of decision reason and reference information.Based on the concept of Evidence-Based Librarianship, this research possiblity gathers all operation of the internal and external information of library's daily work. By the use of information technology (such as: data mining) to extract the information, according to the university library support management and decision-making. The major purpose of this research is that based on balanced scorecard of the university library management and decision-making considerations and reference information. First, the research understands that the US University of Virginia Library from 2001 to 2007 year of the Balanced Scorecard evaluation criteria, and arranges the management subject of the university library. Second, by using deeply interviews the university library managers of domestic university have institute of library and information science. By the interview object to understand theirs decision-making requirements. Finally, by gathering decision-making requirements and the view of this research, arranges the relationship between the library internal and external information, the library operations and management deccisions.
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