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Title: 利用手機進行「華語文學習」服務需求之研究
A survey of user needs of "Chinese e-Learning" with mobil phone
Authors: 陳昭珍
Chao Chen, Chen
Chen-Yin, Lee
Keywords: 行動電話
Chinese learning
Virtual Community
Mobile phone
Mobile Device
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract:   中國市場的興起,讓世界掀起了所謂的「中國熱」,華語文學習成為全球最熱門的活動之一。學習語文雖以身處該語文環境中學習最為有效,然而,隨著科技進展,網際網路發達,數位化的學習環境日漸成熟,以網路或行動載具,建立虛擬的即時互動學習環境,也是一個值得採用的方式。   本研究的主要目的,即在探討以手機進行「華語文學習」之需求與可行性。研究首先針對在師大國語中心學習華語文的外籍人士,利用深入訪談法來了解他們的華語文學習經驗、容易遭遇的困難,手機使用的情況,以及手機可能傳達的學習內容等。其次,根據訪談的結果以及與工作團隊的開會討論、商議後,建置了一個互動式的華語文學習平台,提供Web/Mobile雙重介面,使用者可以透過電腦或手機即時查詢、發問或回應華語文相關問題,並以此平台為據點,建構華語文學習的虛擬社群。   目前系統平台完成了初步功能,未來還會加入更多即時互動、寓教於樂的功能使平台功能更臻完整,吸引更多的使用者前來進行華語文的交流互動。
Chinese-learning is one of the hottest activities in the world because of the prosperity of Chinese markets. The environment is among the most essential elements for learning a language. The new technology had enhanced the environment for language-learning. As digital learning environment developed, mobile-learning has become an efficient approach for language learning. The main purpose of this study is to discuss the user needs of Chinese e-learning with mobile phone. First, this study explores the Chinese-learning experiences, the difficulties by interviewing the international students in the Mandarin Training Center of National Taiwan Normal University. It also investigates the difficulties they encountered when learning Chinese, the usage of mobile phone, and the content that may be delivered through it. Next, based on the need of these international students, this study developed a system that enables interactive Chinese-learning. This system provides the user with two interfaces that will allow the user to search, to ask questions, and to participate in the discussion on Chinese-learning both through mobile phones and personal computers. It serves as a platform for the Chinese-learning communities. This system has developed the most fundamental functions for Chinese-learning. It will be further enhanced by offering instant interaction and entertaining learning activities. It is expected that more and more Chinese-learning users will embrace the system this study developed.
Other Identifiers: GN0693150084
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