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Title: 全集層次詮釋資料之應用研究:以EAD為例
A study on application of collection level metadata - a case study of EAD
Authors: 陳昭珍
Chao-Chen Chen
Po-Yu Hsioa
Keywords: 全集描述
Collection Description
collection level description
collection level metadata
Encoded Archival Description
RSLP Collcetion Description schema
Dublin Core Collection Description Application Profile
metadata mapping
metadata crosswalk
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在探討全集描述發展及應用趨勢、檔案特性與全集描述之需求以及以「國民黨歷史檔案詮釋資料」與「檔案描述編碼格式」(EAD)為例,透過可延伸樣式表語言轉換(XSLT),做自動全集轉換,探討單件層次詮釋資料轉換為全集層次詮釋資料以及平面資料轉換為階層性資料可能發生之問題。 本論文透過文獻分析法與實作進行研究。結論以六個方面呈現: 1.全集層次詮釋資料方面:瞭解全集層次詮釋資料目前發展趨勢,以及全集層次詮釋資料應用於跨領域檢索與達到全球性描述與檢索時所面臨之問題。 2.「檔案描述編碼格式」(EAD)方面:瞭解檔案的特質、全集的特性以及全集的需求面。 3.單件轉全集問題方面:瞭解單件轉全集之必要性,單件轉全集之問題、資料如何對映以及轉換上會遇到的問題。 4.從單件層次轉換成全集層次技術方面:就XML文件而言,轉換的工具;從單件層次自動轉換成全集層次時會面臨的問題與解決方法。 5.「檔案描述編碼格式」(EAD)與現行全集描述詮釋資料之關係。 6.全集描述呈現介面方面:檔案全集合理的呈現方式與需提供的功能。
This paper concentrates on the research and implementation efforts in the area of collection description in recent years, including RSLP Collection Description schema, Encoden Archival Description, Dublin Core Collection Description Application Profile, with focus on the conception, models, applications, and implementation technology. It considers the relevance of collection description to the archival community. It discusses the relationship of KMT Archive Metadata and Encoded Archival Description in reference to collection level metadata, and addresses the challenges and opportunities of transferring data from one metadata standard to another. It uses an XSLT to convert KMT Archive Metadata records to Encoded Archival Description. This paper makes the research through literature analysis and implementation. The conclusion of the paper is presented in six aspects: 1.In the aspect of collection level metadata: realizing the developing trend of collection level metadata, and the problem of collection level metadata using in cross-domain. 2.In the aspect of Encoded Archival Description: the characteristics of archive, collection, and the necessity of collection. 3.An item transformed into collection: realizing the necessity of an item transformed into a collection.The problem of an item transformed into a collection. The problem of metadata mapping and transformation. 4.The technology of item level transformed into collection level: The tool for transforming xml document. The problem and solutions of item level auto transform into collection level. 5.The relationship between Encoded Archival Description and related collection level metadata. 6.Collection description user interface: the reasonable representation and needed function of archival collection. Finally, this paper poses related suggestion and the follow up researches.
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