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Title: 台北市高中圖書館館員數位資源知能探討
A Research on the Digital Resource Competence of Senior High School Librarians in Taipei
Authors: 陳昭珍
Joyce Chen
Andrea Wu
Keywords: 數位資源
Digital Resource
Online Taipei Database
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 學校圖書館經費的縮減且分配不均,以「取得」(access)代替「收藏」(ownership)的館藏觀念也不斷地被提起,高中圖書館在人員編制不足的情況,館員素質及圖書館知能的提升是非常重要。網際網路的進步,數位資源的使用已成為使用者取得資源的第一來源,學校圖書館館員須適應教師及學生資訊蒐集習慣的變化,滿足資訊需求化被動為主動,提供免費網路資源、課程教材、商業性的數位資源及數位典藏等相關資源,替數位資源把關管控品質。因此學校圖書館館員的數位資源知能就非常重要。 本研究主要以問卷調查進行研究,以台北市高中圖書館館員為主要調查對象,研究結果如下: 1.高中圖書館可使用的數位資源類別可分為「免費網路資源」、「數位典藏相關資源」及「商業性數位資源」 2.高中圖書館館員在使用數位資源應具備知能有「資訊網路技術能力」、「數位資源使用能力」和「數位資源融入教學能力」 (1).台北市高中圖書館館員在資訊網路技術能力的整體平均數為3.733顯示館員具備此能力比例高 (2).台北市高中圖書館館員利用Google及台北市線上資料庫比例高 (3).台北市高中圖書館館員運用網路學習及教學使用率高 3.具圖書館背景之館員在使用數位資源能力較高 4.不同領域背景之台北市高中圖書館館員在使用數位資源並無差異
Budgets retrenchment and maldistribution for school libraries, and different notion of library collection has been mentioned constantly that taking access idea to substitute for ownership. A shortage situation of human resources in high school libraries, so acceleration of librarians in library knowledges and skills are very important. As internet advancement, digital resources became the biggest one users retrieved. School librarians have to adapt the alteration in information retrieval usage of teachers and students. Librarians must to be constructive and control the quality of digital resources, satisfying user’s information needs, providing internet resources in free charge, curriculum materials, business digital resources and digital archives. Hence knowledges and skills of digital resources in school librarian are very important. The research is taking the questionnaire to inquire high school librarians in Taipei, results as below: 1. Digital resource catalog in high school libraries include free electronic resource, digital archive and business digital resource. 2. The knowledges and skills of digital resources are information skill, teaching and learning, and information usage ability that must to be possessed on high school librarians. (1). The average point of information skills on high school librarians is 3.733. That presents librarians have good capability. (2). High school librarians in Taipei like to use Google and Taipei on-line database. (3). The usage of internet learning and teaching is high on high school librarians in Taipei. 3. The high capability in using digital resources is librarians who have library background. 4. There are no dissimilarities in using digital resources on high school librarians who have different background in Taipei.
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