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Title: 台北市高職學生網路休閒閱讀動機與行為之調查研究
A Study of Web-based Leisure Reading Motivations and Behaviors of Vocational High School Students in Taipei City
Authors: 卜小蝶
Pu, Hsiao-Tieh
Cheng, Mei-Chen
Keywords: 高職生
vocational high school students
internet reading
web-based leisure reading motivations
web-based leisure reading behaviors
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解台北市高職生網路休閒閱讀動機與行為現況。主要研究目的包括:一、高職生進行網路休閒閱讀的動機與行為之現況為何?二、不同人口變項的高職生在網路休閒閱讀動機的差異情形為何?三、不同人口變項的高職生在網路休閒閱讀行為、文本類型、文本主題的同質性為何? 為達上述目的,本研究採用文獻分析法與網路問卷調查法兩種研究方法進行探討。有關問卷調查法所採用之研究工具為自編之「高職生網路休閒閱讀動機與行為之調查研究問卷」,研究對象為台北市公私立高職學校學生。本研究採立意抽樣調查方式,共計回收有效問卷1776份,其中有網路休閒閱讀經驗的樣本數共計1200份。調查樣本以描述統計、次數分配、T檢定與卡方檢定等進行統計分析。 透過統計結果,歸納以下結論:一、網路休閒閱讀動機方面:(一)網路休閒閱讀提供高職生展現自我效能、迎接閱讀挑戰的機會;(二)高職生樂於透過網路休閒閱讀,與同儕分享資訊;(三)除了性別,職科別與家庭社經地位並不影響網路休閒閱讀動機。二、網路休閒閱讀行為方面:(一)網路休閒閱讀已成為高職生關心時事與娛樂資訊的主要管道;(二)高職生最常上網看新聞和文章且花最多時間上網看新聞與小說;(三)工科男生最愛上網看熱血機戰類的漫畫、商科女生最愛上網看親情/友情/愛情類的文章;(四)家庭社經地位確實影響網路休閒閱讀主題。同時根據以上結論,提出三點建議:一、由新速實簡的瀏覽閱讀導入連續性的深閱讀;二、規劃建置優質的青少年網路學習空間、協助學生建置閱讀社群網站;三、學校圖書館應扮演閱讀指導角色,積極推廣網路休閒電子書文本。
The study aims to explore the motivations and behaviors of web-based leisure reading of vocational high school students in Taipei City. The main purposes include: first, to detect the motivations and behaviors of the current web-based leisure reading of vocational high school students; second, to analyze what effects do factors like genders, subject divisions and family socioeconomic status make on vocational high school students’ motivations of the web-based leisure reading; third, to investigate the homogeneity of the web-based leisure reading behaviors, text types and topics of vocational high school students under different genders, subject divisions and family socioeconomic status. The study mainly uses the methods of literature review and questionnaire survey to achieve the purposes. The questionnaire survey applied a self-arranged "the questionnaire of the web-based leisure reading motivations and behaviors of vocational high school students in Taipei City" as a research instrument. Under purposive sampling, the data are collected by online questionnaire from 1776 vocational high school students who study in Taipei City. Among them, there are 1,200 valid samples with internet leisure reading experiences. The data are analyzed by way of descriptive statistics, frequency distribution, T test and Chi-square test. Through the statistical results, the conclusion is summarized as followings: First, concerning with the internet leisure reading motivations: (a) The internet leisure reading helps vocational high school students show self-efficacy and own the free opportunity to meet the reading challenge; (b) Vocational high school students are willing to read through the internet to share the information with their peers; (c) In addition to genders, subject divisions and socioeconomic status do not affect the internet leisure reading motivations. Second, with respect to the internet leisure reading behaviors: (a) The internet leisure reading becomes a main channel for vocational high school studentsto read current affairs and entertainment information; (b) The majority of vocational high school students read the news and articles on the internet, and spend the most time online to read the news and the novels; (c) Boys of engineering division like to read blood machine warfare of comic on the internet, while girls of business division love to read family / friendship / love topics of articles on the internet; (d) Family socioeconomic status do influence the topics of vocational high school students’ online leisure reading. According to these conclusions, there are three suggestions provided: First, we should instruct students from new, speedy, practical and easy browsing to deep continuity of reading on the internet; Second, we should plan to build high-quality internet reading space for young adults and support students to build reading web sites to share; Third, school libraries should play a role in reading instruction and actively promote the leisure e-book context on the internet.
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