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Title: 博物館附設圖書館經營轉型之研究
A Study on the Transformation of Museum Library
Authors: 陳昭珍
Chao-chen Chen
Yi-Pyng Hwang
Keywords: 博物館附設圖書館
Museum Library
Special Library
Organization Change
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究主要探討國內國立博物館附設圖書館轉型經營,調查各博物館附設圖書館的實際現況發展。調查國內參加教育部2011年世界博物館日的7座博物館所,以瞭解附設圖書館的管理與轉型經驗,提供其他博物館附設圖書館轉型經營的參考。 本研究採用深度訪談法,調查7家博物館附設圖書館的發展現況,對象以附設圖書館的館員為主,利用開放式問卷瞭解博物館附設圖書館的轉型經驗與趨勢。根據訪問調查結果,本研究結論與建議如下: 一、現況與定位 (一)博物館主導政策 (二)經費彈性運用 (三)傳統管理模式 二、經營困境 (一)位置邊緣化與分散 (二)人力少需要志工 (三)基層人員缺乏專業與主動性 (四)組織缺乏制度及學習對象 三、經營轉型 (一) 定位為專門性兼具社區服務 (二) 數位資源發展有限 (三) 位置邊緣化 (四) 圖書館業務簡化
This study aimed to explore the reforming management experience and current situation of library attached to domestic National Museum. 7 museumsparticipated the 2011 World Museum Day held by the Ministry of Education were the research filed. Librarians, who work in the library attached to those 7 museums, were depth interviewed to understand the current library development situation. Secondly, open-ended questionnaire was used to understand the 7 libraries’reforming management experience and tendency. According to this study,the following resultswereobtained: 1. Current status 1.1 The library policy was leaded by the museum. 1.2 Funds were used in a flexible way. 1.3 Development and management were in a traditional way. 2. Manage Difficulties 2.1 The location was marginalized and dispersed. 2.2 Because Human resource was lack, the libraries need volunteers. 2.3 Basic stuffswere lack of professional knowledge and initiative manners. 2.4 The organization was not institutionalized and no learning objection. 3. Reforming management experience 3.1 The function of the library was set as both for the specialized community services. 3.2 Digital resource development was limited. 3.3 The lotion of the library was marginalized. 3.4 The library professional works was simplified.
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