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Title: 大學教師於社群網站的使用與自我呈現
University Faculty’s Use and Self-Presentations on Social Networking Sites
Authors: 謝吉隆
Hsieh, Ji-Lung
Yang, Si-Jie
Keywords: 社群網站
social networking sites
university faculty
impression management
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 對於大學教師Facebook的使用以及師生互動的詳細情形長期以來為社群網站研究所缺,許多研究僅討論學生對於Facebook的使用,但卻不注重教師的觀點,尤其是在大學中。教師與學生作為Facebook朋友是常見的現象,然而較少研究仔細描述大學師生使用社群網站的影響,尤其是從教師的觀點。 本研究的目的便是填補這樣的缺漏,採用自我呈現的觀點,以印象管理理論做為框架,藉由半結構的訪談以及對於Facebook動態內容分析的方式,探討八位大學教師於2011年使用Facebook的使用情形、這些教師在社群網站上所呈現的印象,以及學生對於教師呈現印象所造成的影響。 研究發現,大學教師對於社群網站的使用專注於功能性,注重社群網站的便利性,零碎地使用社群網站。至於大學教師的自我呈現,其會於社群網站會呈現真實自我、專注於使用目的的自我呈現、公開自我呈現。最後,學生會對於教師的社群網站使用以及自我呈現造成影響。
The purpose of this study is trying to fill the gap of research of the social networking sites, which often overlook unversity faculty's aspects. Previous studys focus only on students’ side but it is usual that students and faculty are Facebook Friends. Taking the approach of self-presetation and theory of impression management as the framework, eight university faculty were interviewed in the form of semi-structure. Content analysis of Facebook ststuses were also used for investigating the participants Facebook use behavior, the impression of the participants, and the effect of students to teacher in 2011. The findings include the faculty's use focus on fuctions of Facebook, the convenience of the tool. The self-presentation styles of participants reveals the autneticity, impressions derived from the focus on fuction, and the publicness. The effect of students to faculty’s self-presentations were also found in this research.
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