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Title: 一般地區與偏遠地區國中生之家庭文化資本與閱讀投入關係研究
A study of the relationship of family cultural capital and reading engagement between high school students from central and remote area
Authors: 陳昭珍
Chen, Chao-Chen
Tao, Chen
Keywords: 偏遠地區
Remote area
Cultural capital
Reading Engagement
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討一般地區與偏遠地區國中生之家庭文化資本與閱讀投入的關係。以教育部統計處104年度各級學校名錄中所列之新北市偏遠地區國中,以深坑國中及雙溪國中為偏遠地區的取樣學校;以新北市新店區安康附設國中及新莊區福營國中作為一般地區國中的取樣學校。共計522位學生。 本研究以Bourdieu所提之文化資本作為基礎,並參考相關文獻歸納出本研究文化資本之構面;以及參考Guthrie、Wigfield和PISA2009報告所提出的閱讀投入為基礎,並參考相關文獻歸納出本研究關於閱讀投入的構面。 本研究使用問卷調查法,針對不同地區學生之文化資本對閱讀投入等不同變項做統計研究與觀察,其研究結果發現: 一、 新北市四所學校所在之地區性差異不顯著 二、 一般地區國中生家庭較常陪伴國中學生閱讀或學習 三、 國中生家庭文化資本對閱讀投入有顯著相關 四、 國中生家庭文化資本和閱讀投入程度在年級有顯著差異 五、 國中生家庭文化資本中形式文化參與較少 六、 國中生在閱讀投入中的閱讀行為表現較差 七、 國中生閱讀投入程度在性別有顯著差異 最後,並針對研究結論給予相關建議,至此完成整個研究。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of family cultural capital and reading engagement between junior high school students from central and remote areas. It contains four schools that the Department of Statistics in the Ministry of Education defined which central and remote area is. Cultural capital mentioned by Bourdieu was taken as a basis in this study. Under the premise, with other relevant references, the facets of Cultural Capital in this study was summarized. The facets of Reading Engagement was also based on Guthrie, Wigfield, PISA 2009 report, and other relevant references. Quantitative method was applied. Questionnaires were sent out, and 522 responses were received. After statistical research in different areas, the study found that: 1.The regional factor of four schools in New Taipei city is not statistically significant. 2.Families in central area keep companying with their children’s reading and learning more often. 3.Junior high school students’ family cultural capital is shown to be statistically significant correlated with their reading engagement. 4.Family cultural capital and reading engagement have significant differences on the grades. 5.The Cultural Capital in junior high school students is less among the form of Cultural Participation. 6.The reading behavior in Junior high school students performed poorer. 7.There is statistically significant difference between gender and junior high school students’ level of reading engagement. Finally, the study gives recommendations in conclusion, and completes the entire study.
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