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Title: 中國青年服務社假期活動服務員服務經驗對其生涯發展影響之研究
A study on the impacts of voluntary serving experiences upon career development for the China Youth Service Association (CYSA) attendants.
Authors: 顏妙桂
Hsia, Wei-Chin
Keywords: 中國青年服務社假期活動服務員
CYSA attendants
Voluntary serving experience
Career development
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究中國青年服務社假期活動服務員參與服務的動機、了解服務經驗過程以及個人對服務經驗的省思,並探討服務經驗與其生涯發展之關聯。本研究採取現象學取向之質性研究,以滾雪球式取樣方式邀請六位研究參與者,進行深度訪談以蒐集資料。獲得研究結果如下: 研究參與者最初參與動機為「參與救國團活動的感動」、「感受不同生活方式」、「追求個人成就感」、「與學校課程接軌」、「對訓練活動感興趣」。參與訓練及服務活動後,持續參與動機則轉變為「對組織的回饋」、「對組織的認同」、「基於傳承的責任」、「服務伙伴的影響」、「服務活動產生正面感受」、「對活動的熟悉感」、「增加個人經驗」。 研究參與者對服務經驗的省思可分為「個人內在改變」、「人際相處」、「協助個人社會化」三部分。個人內在改變如涵養人格態度、奠定基本能力、培養挫折容忍力、勇於面對挑戰、感受正向經驗;人際相處部分包含取得他人認同、結交知心好友、奉獻自身專長;協助個人社會化則如提供職業試探、獲得歷練機會、體驗不同生活。 服務經驗對個人生涯發展之影響包含職業尋求、待人處事、生活調劑三方面:職業尋求方面影響尋職意願、促成職業轉換以及增加轉業決心;待人處事部分如培養人格態度、善於協調工作、勇於面對挑戰;生活調劑部分為提供生活調平衡、獲得休閒管道、體會歸屬感受、結識知心好友、提供嚕友聯繫。 本研究根據研究發現與結論提出建議供相關機構組織及未來研究者參考。 關鍵字:中國青年服務社假期活動服務員、服務經驗、生涯發展
The attendants of CYSA have a nickname called “Lulala.” The purpose of this study aimed for the motivation to be Lulala attendants, personal reflection upon the voluntary serving experiences, and the connection between voluntary serving experiences and personal career development. Based on phenomenology approach, this study invited six participants by snowball sampling. The results are listed as follows: The motivation of taking part in the drill of Lulala include the pulsation when joining China Youth Corps activities, experiencing different ways of life, the pursuit of achievement, connection to the college curriculum, and being interested in the drill. After participating in the drill and activities, the motivation was transferred. The transferred motivation included feedback toward the organization, identification with the organization, duty to passing down organization’s tradition, influence of the peers, positive feeling generating from joining serving activities, familiarity with the activities, and enhancing personal capabilities. The reflection that research participants have for the voluntary serving experience can be separated into three aspects: intrapersonal, interpersonal, and socializing aspect. The intrapersonal aspect includes cultivated personalities, acquired skills, tolerated adversities, confronted challenges, and tasted positive experiences. The interpersonal aspect contains being accepted by others, consorting with intimate good friends, dedicating personal specialty. The socializing aspect includes providing the occupation probe, additional chance for drilling, and experiencing different lifestyle. The influence that the voluntary serving experiences have on personal career development can be separated in three aspects: occupation seeking, getting along with others, and relieving personal life. In occupation seeking aspect, the experiences help the participants raise their interests in specific career and become the assistance for career transition. In getting along with others aspect, the experiences make participants be more familiar with matters in interacting with others and daring to confront challenges. In relieving personal life aspect, the experiences apply participants chance to consort friends, join additional leisure activities, and acquire the feeling of belongingness. Based on the findings above, suggestions were offered to affiliated organizations and further researches. KEYWORDS: CYSA attendants (Lulala), Voluntary serving experience, Career development
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