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Title: 陪孩子成長:國中導師運用童軍方法融入班級經營策略之研究
The Study of the Integrating Scouting Method into the Cass Management Srategy by the Mentors in Junior High School
Authors: 顏妙桂
Yen, Miao-KueI
Lan, Fang-Ju
Keywords: 國中導師
the mentor in junior high school
scouting method
class management strategy
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國中導師運用童軍方法融入班級經營之動機、實際情形與影響,研究者訪談5位具備帶完整一屆以上的帶班經驗並使用童軍方法經營班級的國中導師,透過國中導師們述說和回顧其運用童軍方法融入班級經營的理念、運用情形和改變之意義和價值,從中獲得研究資料,以探討國中導師運用童軍方法融入班級經營後對班級、導師、學生的影響為何。據此,本研究提出七項結論: 1.導師信念是決定班級經營策略的關鍵 2.童軍方法為有效的班級經營策略,其對學生學習、班級常規和班級氣氛有正向影響。 3.榮譽和徽章制度能激發班級表現更好。 4.小隊建立的夥伴關係能凝聚班級的心。 5.團隊承諾能維繫班級規範的運作。 6.同儕相互提醒是穩定班級的力量。 7.有趣的班級活動能提升學生學習的動機。 本研究提出三項建議,以供日後教育現場運用童軍方法之參考: 1.給未來使用童軍方法經營班級的國中導師建議:釐清自己的童軍信念、童軍方法不是解決班級問題的萬靈丹。 2.給已使用童軍方法經營班級的國中導師建議:不斷保持童軍熱情、堅持走自己的路。 3.給學校單位的建議:童軍三大制度可做為學校推廣品格教育的基礎、用開闊的心胸擁抱童軍方法。 關鍵字:國中導師、童軍方法、班級經營策略
The purpose of this study explored why mentors using scouting method into the class management, the practice process, and the influence among students in junior high school. Based on interviews of five mentors who have taught junior high school for many years understanding how they utilized scouting method to the classroom management, The researcher not only found out the concept of scouting method but also realizing how to put this method into practice. Moreover, The researcher no-ticed the changes and the influence on students through scouting method. Analyses revealed several factors that contributed to the study. The major findings were as following: 1.The belief to education is the major reason which motives mentors chose scouting method as the class management strategy. 2.The scouting method can be an effective class management strategy for the mentors in junior high school. The positive impact includes: the improvement of student learning motivation, class discipline and creating an active class at-mosphere. 3.Honor and Badge can encourage students’good behaviors. 4.Partnership in the small group is the key of team-building. 5.Team commitment can keep class rules working. 6.Peer supervision is the power of managing the class 7.Interesting activities arranged in class enhance students’ learning motivation. Based on the findings above, the researcher proposed some suggestions for both potential users and already using scouting method into class management, school administration and future research also. Keywords: the mentor in junior high school, scouting method, class management strategy
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