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Title: 桃園市童軍運動現況與發展之研究
The Study of Current Situation and Development of Scout Movement in Taoyuan City
Authors: 蔡居澤
Tsai, Ju-Tse
Kuo, Hsien-Tien
Keywords: 桃園市
Taoyuan City
Scout Movement
Scouts Council
Current Situation and Development
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究旨在了解桃園市童軍運動現況與發展,研究目的共有四點,分別為 (1)瞭解桃園市童軍會發展歷程與運作現況。 (2)瞭解桃園市童軍團運作現況和童軍團長對桃園市童軍活動之建議。 (3)探討桃園市童軍運動發展所遭遇之問題與因應策略。 (4)綜合相關資料,分析桃園市童軍運動現況與發展,為桃園市童軍運動提出建議。 研究者使用問卷調查法與深度訪談法進行研究,以「桃園市童軍運動現況與發展之研究調查問卷」為研究工具,對較常參與桃園童軍活動之 36 位童軍團長進行調查,整理出目前桃園市境內之童軍團普遍現況,大致上在活動與訓練方面皆可正常辦理,但在分工與招生方面皆有待加強,以及在經費、設備與場地都略顯不足,此外為更加瞭解桃園市童軍會相關發展計畫與問題解決策略,研究者亦邀請 5 位桃園童軍耆老進行深度訪談,並將所彙整之團長建議、遭遇問題與因應策略一併於訪談中進行討論。 最後,依據本研究所收集之資料,研究者提出桃園市童軍運動發展三大方 向,第一為鼓勵青年參與,培養優秀人才,第二為邁向多元發展,響應時代潮流,最後則是強化公共關係,增加社會影響。
The purpose of this research is to discuss the current situation and development of Scout Movement in Taoyuan City. The targets of this research are: 1. To understand the process of development and the current operating situation of Taoyuan City Scouts Council 2. To understand the current operating situation of Taoyuan City Scouts Council and the recommendations regarding the scout activities from scoutmasters 3. To explore the encountering problems and accordance of strategies referred to Scout Movement in Taoyuan City 4. To analyze the current situation as well as the development and make suggestions to Scout Movement in Taoyuan City based on relevant data The researcher used questionnaires and in-depth interviews to conduct the study. According to the survey called “The Survey of Current Situation and Development of Scout Movement in Taoyuan City” from the most active 36 scoutmasters, it reveals that most activities and training sessions are normal. However, both the division of labor and recruitment need to be strengthened as well as the slight insufficiency of funds, equipment and venues. Furthermore, in order to understand the development plan and problem solving strategy from Taoyuan City Scouts Council, the researcher also interviewed 5 senior scout leaders from Taoyuan City to discuss the recommendations, encountering problems and coping strategies from the survey. Lastly, the researcher has concluded three directions to boost Scout Movement development in Taoyuan City: (1) To encourage youth engagement and cultivate talent people (2) To develop with diversity in accordance with changing world (3) To strengthen the public relationship and increase the social influence
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