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Title: 解讀偶像劇性別意識型態:以臺中市某國中教學行動研究為例
Interpreting Gender Ideology in Idol Drama-The Action Research in one Junior High School in Taichung City
Authors: 王錦雀
Wang, Chin-Chueh
Chu, Yi-Wen
Keywords: 偶像劇
idol drama
gender ideology
action research
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究主旨在探討國中九年級「解讀偶像劇中性別意識型態」教學方案的發展歷程與實施成效。了解學生在教學方案實施後,解讀偶像劇中性別意識型態能力的轉變情形,並呈現教師在教學方案實施過程中的省思與成長。 本研究採取行動研究法,以研究者任教之臺中市某區的一所公立國中九年級班級中26位學生為研究對象,進行11堂「解讀偶像劇中性別意識型態」教學活動。研究者以性別刻板印象、性別階層化、性別歧視和性別互動迷思四面向設計教學活動,讓學生解讀並加以省思偶像劇中的媒體再現。 本行動研究的工具以錄影、課堂觀察記錄、教師反思札記、與研究同儕的討論、學生學習單、回饋單及訪談等質性資料為主。 學生在參與過程中,經歷了討論分享、共同學習的學習歷程,並在參與教學方案後發現偶像劇中的性別意識型態,且其批判思考開始萌芽。教師亦在過程中透過不斷反思與修正,獲得專業上的成長。最後,本研究也針對教學方案的設計與實施和未來研究提出建議。
This study is conducted to explore the development and the effect of implementing “Interpretation of Gender Ideology in Idol Drama”, an instructional project targeted on the ninth grades in junior high school. The changes of students’ ability to interpret gender ideology in idol drama are investigated after the implementation; and also, the reflection and growth of the instructor. This study adopted an action research approach. The participants were 26 ninth graders instructed by the researcher herself in a public junior high school in Taichung City. The researcher designed 11 lessons in accordance with four dimensions-gender stereotypes, gender stratification, sexism and the myths in gender interactions, to promote the students’ interpretations and reflections on media representation in idol drama. In this research, the researcher utilized videos, classroom observation records, teaching reflective notes, discussions with peers, student worksheets, student feedback forms, and interviews to explore the related issues. In the process of participating in an instructional project, students learned through discussions and sharing. Students investigated the gender ideology in idol drama and displayed emerging critical thinking skills. The researcher developed professionally through the continuous process of reflections and revisions. Finally, the study provided recommendations for the design and implementation of instructional projects and further research.
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