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Title: 互動式教學法應用於高中生人權教育之行動研究
Action on ADIDS methodology applied to human rights education.
Authors: 林安邦
Lin, An-Pan
Lo, Sin-Yu
Keywords: 互動式教學法
interactive teaching method
human rights education
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 摘 要 本研究旨在探討互動式教學法應用於高中生人權教育之教學歷程與實施成效,實施過程希望了解其限制、困難與解決方法,並根據研究結果提出建議,可作為日後實施人權教育的參考。 本研究主要採用行動研究法,結合參與觀察法、訪談法,資料蒐集包括學生學習評量單、教學省思紀錄、課堂觀察記錄表、課程回饋表、非正式訪談紀錄等研究工具,將蒐集的質性資料整理並分析,研究過程中做為研究者進行教學時修正的依據,其研究結果則整理成結論與建議以作為日後研究者之參考。 本研究實施節數為六節課,共計實施三個教案,前兩次教案為兩節課連排,教案三的設計則是兩次上課,一次一節課。研究者邀請校內同科教師擔任協同研究者,在研究過程中提出建議並協助教室觀察,作為修正教學行動之重要參考。 研究結果發現:互動式教學法進行高中生人權教育能夠提升學生的學習興趣,學生透過課程能了解人權的重要性,並能體認人權公約與自己有高度關聯性。根據研究發現,本研究提出以下研究建議: 一、 課程方面:事先提供學生文本可增加討論深度,把握潛在課程的影響力。 二、 教師方面:可利用同儕社群進行課程設計,增強戲劇教學融入課程技巧。 三、 未來研究方面:可量化資料搜集以驗證具體成效,嘗試融入正式課程中。 關鍵字:互動式教學法、人權教育
Abstract This research investigates the feasibility of the implementation of Interactive Teaching method in the Human Rights Education at Senior High schools, as well as to examine the problems the teacher encounters while developing and implementing the method. It is also to understand students' overall appreciation of the implemented teaching method. The recommendations to be made based on the research results; and, to be utilized as a reference to the future Human Rights Education application. The study utilizes action research approach using “ participant observation “, “interview method” to collect data. The data is gathered from students' worksheets, teaching diaries, classroom observation records by co-researchers, informal interview records and students' feedback sheets. The data is analyzed through qualitative methods. It is adopted by the researcher for modification in the teaching. The research is to compile for future references. The study was conducted on four classes for three teaching plans - first two classes were conducted for consecutive two classes and the last two classes were conducted separately. The researcher invited other teachers in the same area to be the co-researchers. The advice they provided and the classroom observation in the research progress play an important role for the researcher on program revision. Based on the action research results, the researcher concludes that the Interactive Teaching method applied in Human Rights Education at Senior High Schools is possible to enhance students' learning interests, to enable students to understand the importance of Human Rights and to have students realize the correlation between the Convention on Human Rights and themselves. According to the results, the following recommendations are made by the researcher: 1. Course Execution: students are provided with class materials in advance to maximize the influence of hidden curriculum. 2. Teacher: teachers to utilize the knowledge of the teaching group on class design and teachers to implement role-playing activities in the class. 3. Future Research: researchers can quantity the collected data to test and verify in real class. Keywords: interactive teaching method, human rights education  
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