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Title: 國中公民教育對學生公民規範認知與權利意識的影響:一項定群追蹤研究
The Influence of Civic Education in Junior High School on Students’ Citizenship Norms and Rights Consciousness:A Panel Study
Authors: 黃信豪
Huang, Hsin-hao
Li, I-Cen
Keywords: 公民規範認知
citizenship norms
rights consciousness
civic education
panel study
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 研究者為現任國中公民教師,有感於近年來以學生為主體的社會運動頻繁,研究者欲探知學生自發性的行動,是否與學生認為這是“好公民”應有的行為有關?而學校的公民教育,是否會影響學生的認知態度?又學校因素的差異是否會影響學生的學習效果?本研究以兩所社經地位不同的國中八年級學生為研究對象,以「公民規範認知」與「權利意識」為研究要點,以相同的題目進行一學期共兩次的定群追蹤調查。 研究發現如下:一、公民教育能有效提升學生的公民規範認知與權利意識。二、課程感知越高的學生,公民規範認知與權利意識的進步幅度越小。三、公民教育的效果,沒有學校之間的差異。本研究結果顯示,公民教育作為後天的學習管道,可以避免學校之間的差異繼續擴大。
The researcher is a current civics teacher of junior high school. I feel that the the main participants in frequent social movements are students in recent years. I want to find out whether the students' spontaneous actions are related to the behavior that students think is a “good citizens”? Does the school's civic education affect students' cognitive attitudes? Does the different schools affect the learning outcomes of students? This study takes two eighth-grade students with different socio-economic status as the research object, and takes "Citizenship Norms" and "Rights Consciousness" as the research points, conducted a panel study of one semester on the same questionnaire. The research finds the following: First, civic education can effectively enhance students' awareness of Citizenship Norms and Rights Consciousness. Second, the more concentrated students in class, the less progress in Citizenship Norms and Rights Consciousness. Third, the effect of civic education, there is no difference between schools. This findings showed that the civic education as a learning channel might avoid between the school the difference continuing to expand.
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