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Title: 大學生理財社會化與理財素養之相關
The Relationship between Financial Socialization and Financial Literacy in College Students of Taiwan
Authors: 曾永清
Tseng, Yung-Ching
Keywords: 理財素養
Financial literacy
Financial socialization
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究大學生理財社會化與理財素養的關係。隨著經濟環境快速變遷,理財素養日益受到重視,然而目前國內在理財素養的相關研究甚少探討社會化媒介對理財素養的影響,由社會化在各領域研究扮演重要角色,理財社會化對理財素養的影響,有其探討的重要性。 研究中,藉由文獻分析,尋找理財社會化與理財素養的相關理論,做為本研究的立論基礎,並以問卷調查作為資料蒐集之依據,將調查資料以SPSS進行各項統計分析,發現結果如下: 一、大學生理財素養程度偏低,整體平均未達50分。 二、性別、父母親最高學歷、每月生活支出等不同背景變項的大學生在理財素養上有顯著差異。 三、大學生背景變項與理財素養間達到顯著相關,大學生的背景變項確實會影響到理財素養的表現。 四、大學生同儕理財社會化與理財素養間達到顯著負相關;向同儕模仿理財行為越多,在理財素養表現越差。 五、大學生理財社會化對於理財素養有顯著的解釋力。 最後依據研究結果提出建議,做為未來相關研究之參考。
This research aims to explore the relationship between financial socialization and financial literacy for college students. With the rapid changes of the economic environment, financial literacy was received attention gradually. However, the research on the impact of socialization agents against financial literacy in Taiwan was rarely explored. Since socialization plays an important role in many research fields, we believe the effect upon financial socialization to financial literacy is worthy of study. In this study, we first set the basis of argumentation by studying the literature on the relationship between financial socialization and financial literacy. With employed the questionnaire and the statistical analysis from SPSS, the following results were concluded: 1.The level of financial literacy is low for college students. The overall average is less than 50 out of 100 points. 2.There was significant difference on financial literacy for college students with variant background, such as gender, educational background of parents, and monthly living expense. 3.The college students' background and financial literacy was correlated significantly. Financial literacy is confirmed to be affected by students' background. 4.The financial socialization of peers around college students against financial literacy was negative correlated significantly. The more imitation of peers’ financial behaviors, the worse performance of financial literacy. 5.The financial socialization of college students play the key factor to their financial literacy. Finally, we proposed some suggestions based on our study at the end of this research for future reference.
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