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Title: 服務學習融入國中公民行動取向課程之行動研究
Service-Learning based on Civic Action Approach Curriculum:Practice by Action Research in a junior high school
Authors: 王錦雀
Wang, Chin-Chueh
Chang, Ya-Han
Keywords: 服務學習
Civic Action Approach Curriculum
action research
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討「服務學習」融入「公民行動取向課程」之可行性。取「公民行動取向課程」之「實踐」精神,及其課程內涵「覺知與關懷層面」、「探究與增能層面」、「公民行動層面」三階段為課程架構,將服務學習融入課程。課程實施的理想期望能在實施歷程中,透過增能賦權,使學生自主規劃設計服務學習方案、並執行服務行動,以經歷完整的服務學習歷程。並於此中,探討實施歷程中學生的學習經驗和轉變,以及研究者的反思與專業成長。 研究採行動研究取徑,以國中八年級一個班級的學生為研究參與者,並與諍友進行課程反思與修正。在課程實施過程中,歷經多次修正與調整,且經研究者不斷反思再反思,打破個人思想桎梏,進而實踐學生的行動參與。 學生在課程參與的過程中,經驗了團隊分工合作的歷程,透過課程促使個人成長,並擁有正確的服務學習觀念、規劃與執行的能力,且對在地社區產生關懷與更深的情感,觸發學生對服務學習持續的承諾。研究者在課程中經驗到行動研究的螺旋循環歷程,並獲致專業成長;此外,研究者開始更關注學校周遭的社區。 在本行動研究中學生和研究者均經歷服務學習融入公民行動取向課程而獲得知識、情意、技能各方面成長,且對學校與社區更有認同感。最後研究者針對本課程方案的設計與實施及後續研究做出建議。
This research explores the process of implementing a curriculum that integrates Service-Learning into Civic Action Approach Curriculum. Base on practical spirit and framework of Civic Action Approach Curriculum researcher integrates Service-Learning together. Within ideal course, researcher expects students can plan, design, and carry out service-learning project to complete service-learning program by energizing and empowering themselves. Per this process, researcher discusses student’s learning experience and change, researcher’s reflection and development. The study adopts the action research method with participants including an Eighth-grade class and a critical friend. With constantly reflection, researcher experiences several amendments and adjustments about the course until breaking the shackles of individual thought, and then achieves making students do their action. In the process of the course, students are able to experience teamwork, promote personal growth, get correct concept of service-learning and have ability to plan, design, and implement service-learning project. By the way, the course brings students concern about local community and deeper emotions ─ those lead students to have a lifelong commitment to service-learning. Within the course, researcher have experienced the action research spiral, promoted teaching skills and advanced knowledge through this service-learning course. In addition, researcher begins to pay more attention to school and surrounding community. In this action study, each of the attendee acquires new skills, knowledge and more identity to school community. In the end of thesis, researcher made some suggestions as reference for future studies.
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