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Title: 國中公民科政治議題應用概念導向閱讀理解教學之行動研究
Authors: 董秀蘭
Doong, Shiow Lan
Chung, Kun-Jung
Keywords: 閱讀理解策略教學
reading comprehension strategy instruction
concept-oriented reading instruction
civic education
action study
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究國中公民政治議題採用概念導向閱讀理解教學對學生的影響,觀察學生在學習過程當中的收穫與困難,加以反思修正之後,建構一套結合閱讀理解策略並適合國中生的公民課程,期能讓學生學會閱讀策略並願意以閱讀策略學習新知。因此,藉由文獻探討,探究閱讀對於現代公民社會參與的重要性,並瞭解各種閱讀策略及概念導向閱讀理解教學的理論,做為本研究的立論基礎。 本研究採取行動研究取徑,研究場域為南部某國中八年級學生,研究目的希望為國中公民科政治議題設計結合概念導向閱讀理解教學的課程,分析概念導向閱讀理解教學的實施過程中的問題,並試圖找尋解決方案的歷程、瞭解學生對概念導向閱讀理解教學的學習經驗與評價。 研究實施以國中公民科政治議題中的政府的經濟功能與選舉與政治參與兩單元進行教學單元的設計。研究工具包含課程教案、閱讀理解策略學習單、訪談記錄、教室觀察記錄、教學錄影帶觀察記錄、研究者省思日誌、概念導向閱讀理解教學回饋單及概念導向閱讀理解教學評量單等。研究資料包括質性探究與量化分析,以提高研究的信實性。 分析質量資料後,發現在公民科政治議題應用概念導向閱讀理解教學,對學生的閱讀動機、策略使用、閱讀素養及社會互動經驗產生影響;未來使用閱讀理解策略在不同科目上受到課程難易與時間因素影響;老師與學生在閱讀理解能力的教學與運用上也逐漸成長。最後依據研究結果提出研究建議,做為未來對於閱讀理解策略教學的教師與研究者的參考。
This study aims to examine the effects of applying the Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) method on teaching political issues in Civics in a junior high school. The researcher observed what the students learned and what difficulties they encountered during the process, then constructed a curriculum suitable for junior high school students based upon reflections drawn from these observations. The researcher hopes students will learn new reading strategies and be willing to use these strategies to obtain knowledge. Through literature review, this study explores the importance of reading to civic engagement, and the theories of various reading strategies and the CORI method. This study employs the action research approach, using an eighth grade class of a junior high school in southern Taiwan as the study field. The aim is to establish a curriculum that combines CORI with teaching political issues in junior high school civic education. This study analyzes the problems of applying CORI in class and attempts to solve them, as well as to understand students’ learning experiences and their assessment of the curriculum. The researcher chooses the units ‘economical functions of government’ and ‘election and politics’ in the textbook to design lessons. Research instruments include lesson plans, comprehensive reading strategy worksheets, interview records, classroom observation records and classroom video tape records, as well as the researcher’s own reflection records, CORI feedback sheets and evaluation sheets. These data include both qualitative and quantitative analyses. Three conclusions are drawn after analyzing the data. First, applying CORI in teaching political issues in junior high Civics affects students’ reading motives, use of strategies, reading literacy, and social interaction experiences. Also, students’ future application of reading strategies to different subjects is influenced by how difficult the curriculum is and by study time. Third, the teacher’s teaching and students’ application of reading comprehension abilities will gradually improve as well. Lastly, this study provides suggestions about comprehensive reading strategy teaching methods as a reference for teachers and future researchers.
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