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Title: 台南市績優童軍團發展與運作之個案研究
A case study on the development and operation of an excellent scout troop in Tainan City
Authors: 呂建政
Lu, Chien-Cheng
Huang, Hsiao-Tien
Keywords: 績優童軍團
excellent scout troop
performance of scout troop
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究採用個案研究法,旨在探討台南市一所績優童軍團的發展歷程及運作情形。研究者使用訪談、參與觀察、文件分析等方法蒐集研究資料,以半結構性大綱訪談童軍團推動及執行的要角-七位歷屆團長,輔以資深服務員和畢業團友的訪談,並分析相關文獻、參與觀察的田野紀錄,來描述個案發展之歷程轉變,及團務運作、活動訓練的現況,探討績優團的成效及困難應對策略,分析影響個案發展興盛的重要事件及因素。   根據研究結果,本研究結論如下: 一、個案組織發展歷經草創期、發展歷經草創時期、蓬勃發展期、穩定  期,現進入轉變期。 二、團務運作方面已有穩定模式,且制度化,成效顯著: (一)人力資源情況 1.團組織建構完整,團務委員會議召開不確實,團長為主要籌畫者。 2.團長人力素質佳,多數對於團長職務具有熱忱。 3.服務人力以團員、團友為多,由團長或資深團友協助培訓人力。 (二)團務行政情形 1.年度計畫常規化,配合學校行事曆進行。 2.文書管理電子化,資料保管於團部電腦或童軍文物室。 3.團員眾多,善用時機行銷招募,維持團員素質及榮譽感。 4.與學校關係良好,團經費、器材、活動場地無困難,但社區資源結 合與運用有待加強。 (三)訓練與活動情形 1.遵循童軍運動精神規劃活動,善用童軍三大制度。 2.訓練紮實、活動豐富,建立活動制度化,並積極參與各項活動。 3.運用歡送會、技能營等活動傳承童軍團文化,增強團友反哺。 三、影響童軍團發展成效的重要因素包括,關鍵團長的帶領及校長的支 持,活動確實進行,營造團結、有向心力之團文化,並藉由活動延 續團文化。 四、困難及應對策略 困難包括團長人選難尋、團員活動時間難配合、團員人數與素質控管、女童軍進程的不足。應對策略則是以服務員協助和學校招聘、調整事前準備、調整招募團員及訓練方法、女童軍考驗融入其他活動。   最後依據上述結論,本研究提出相關建議,以作為個案、其他童軍團、學校行政單位、台南市童軍會之相關人員參考。
This research adopted the case study approach. The purpose of this study is to describe the development path and performance of an excellent scout troop in Tainan junior high school. The researcher used interviews, participant observation, documentary analysis to collect research data, while using the Semi-Structured interviews outline, interview the previous scoutmasters who are the key characters in promotin or implement in the scout troop, the senior staff and the scouts alumni. And then to describe the history of the development of the case change, performance of scout troop, the status of training activities, and to explore the excellent scout troop effectiveness and how broke through the predicaments. Finally, analysis of important events and factors influencing the development of the case by relevant literature, participant observation field record. According to the results of the analyses, this study had reached the following conclusions: I. The stage of organizational development of the case of scout troop can be described as the early-starting period, period of take-off, stable period, and the period of changes now. II. the case of scout troop works with stable operating modes, and institutionalized, with remarkable results: 1. This research found that the situations of human resources in the case are: (1) Organizational Construction complete .But weak function of Troop committee and meeting holding should be in practice. The scoutmasters were the main planners. (2) Good quality of scoutmasters. Most people have passion for their work. (3) Most of service human resources come from senior members and graduates, and manpower training by the scoutmasters or the senior graduates assisted. 2. This research show that the situations of the case of affair administration are: (1) Annual plan routine, carried out with the school calendar. (2) Electronic document management, and put the data in the computer or Scouts Culture Storeroom. (3 )It has many members, and make good use of the opportunity of marketing to recruit and maintain the quality of members and honor. (4) A good relationship with the school, and funding, equipment, venues without difficulty, but in combination with the use of community resources needs to be strengthened. 3. In this study, the situations of scout activity and training are: (1) Follow the spirit of Scouting planning activities, use of three Scout system. (2) The solid training, enrichment activities, the establishment of institutionalized, and actively participate in various activities. (3) Inheriting the scout troop culture and enhancing graduates feedback by using the farewell party, skill camps and other activities. III. The important factors of development effectiveness the scout troop include led by scoutmasters of the key , support for the principal, activities do make, and to create a culture of solidarity and by the continuation of the activities of cultural groups. IV. Difficulties and coping strategies Difficulties include the head of candidates hard to find, difficult time with the activities of members, number of members and quality control, lack of Girl Scout process. Strategy is based on staff to assist schools in recruiting and adjusted prior preparation, adjustment and training methods to recruit members, Girl Scouts test into the other activities. In summary, based on the conclusions, specific suggestions have been proposed forfor the case, scoutmasters, school administrations and Girl Scout Unit in Tainan City, Tainan City Girl Scout Council. Hope this could be helpful for scout activity promotion and popularization.
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