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Title: 臺南市童軍運動之形象研究初探
An Inquiry on Scouting’s Profile of Tainan City
Authors: 呂建政
Hu, Chih-Shiung
Keywords: 童軍形象
scout image
scouting intention
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討臺南地區童軍公共意象,瞭解臺南地區童軍運動公共意象之現況,探討不同背景人士對童軍公共意象之認知,分析童軍參加意向之影響因素,作為提升童軍人口增長之參考。依據研究主題,本研究蒐集文獻資料,發展問卷並進行調查,實施問卷調查。以研究者自編之「臺南地區童軍形象量表」為研究工具,以實施調查及分析研究。 經資料分析,本研究之結果與發現如下:童軍運動公共意象包含了:童軍形象、觀點、感覺及參加意向。其中童軍形象是涵蓋:組織形象、活動形象及參與者形象。而童軍參加意向也涵蓋:對童軍的態度、主觀標準及是否參與的行為控制。童軍形象的各因素:組織形象、活動形象及參加者形象都有相關。參加意向的各因素:態度、主觀標準及行為控制都有相關。不同年齡、是否有參加童軍的經驗及有無聽過童軍的事情,其對於童軍形象會有顯著差異。與其自身參與經驗有相關,經驗或是接觸愈正向,參與意願愈高。「童軍形象」及「觀點」與「感覺」這三個構面對「童軍參加意向」有影響。其中「感覺」大於「童軍形象」,也大於「觀點」。 根據研究結論,研究者針對臺南市童軍會、童軍總會及未來研究等方向提出建議。
The aim of this study is to explore the common image of the Scout in Tainan, to understand the current situation of the common image of Scouting in Tainan, to explore the influence of different backgrounds on the public image of scout, and to analyze the influencing factors of Scouting The reference. According to the research theme, this study collects the literature, develops the questionnaire and carries on the investigation, carries on the questionnaire survey. The "Tainan Scout Scale" was used as a research tool for investigators and analysis. According to the data analysis, the results and findings of this study are as follows: Scouting public image contains: Scout image, opinion, feeling and participation intention. Which Scout image is covered: the organization image, the image of the event and the image of the participants. The scouting intention also covers: the attitude of the scout, subjective standards and whether to participate in the behavior control. Scouting elements of the image: the image of the organization, the image of the event and the image of the participants are relevant. Factors involved in attitudes: attitudes, subjective standards and behavioral controls are relevant. Different age, whether to participate in the experience of scouts and whether or not heard of scout things, there will be significant differences in the image of scouts. And their own experience in the relevant, experience or contact with the more positive, the higher the willingness to participate. "Scouting" and "Sense" and "Sense" have an impact on Scouting intention. Where "feeling" is greater than "Scout" and greater than "view". According to the findings, the researchers made recommendations for the Tainan Scout Association, Scout Association and future research.
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