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Title: 淡江大學複式童軍團發展歷程之研究
The Study on The Development of Tamkang University Scout Group
Authors: 呂建政
Chiang, Feng-Hsing
Keywords: 複式童軍團
Scout Group
Non-Government Organization
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 世界童軍領袖會議於2002年通過之世界童軍運動發展策略中指出,21世紀的童軍組織應具有彈性、精實、創新以及擴大參與面,我國童軍運動發展於校園當中,以學校童軍團為基礎發展成複式童軍團為擴大參與的方法之一。本研究旨在探討一個結合社區的大專院校童軍團--淡江大學複式童軍團之發展歷程,經由文件分析及訪談法取得研究資料後,將發展過程分為大專社團時期、複式團發展期、複式團完成期三階段,藉由司徒達賢所提出非營利組織經營管理之CORPS(Clients、Operations、Resources、Participants、Services)五大因素,分別就其服務對象、人力資源、財務資源、服務內容、團務運作與進行分析,以了解發展歷程中各階段之運作情形,並歸納下列五點影響淡江大學複式童軍團發展之因素,以提出對淡江大學複式童軍團未來運作與我國大專院校發展複式童軍團及後續研究之建議。 一、社區化為大專複式童軍團發展之起步 二、關鍵人物為複式童軍團成長轉型之動能 三、學校支持為複式童軍團穩定成長之資源 四、規章制度為複式童軍團永續經營之根本 五、健全財務為複式童軍團多元活動之後盾
The Strategy of World Scouting which is approved by the World Scout Conference in 2002, indicated that the Scout Organization of 21st Century should be flexible, lean, innovation and involving more participation. Scouting movement in our country began from schools, and the growth from one scout unit to become a scout group is one of the way to involve more participation. The purpose of this research is to analyze the process of development of Tamkang University Scout Group, which is a model of combination of university rover crew and its community. The researcher used the methods of document analysis and interview to collect data and divided the development process into three periods, which are the University Club period, the development of Scout Group period and the completion of Scout Group period. Then, the researcher used the CORPS model by Dr. Dah-Hsian Seetoo to further analyze the service participants, human resources, financial resources, service content and scout group operation in different periods. The researcher concluded the research outcomes as the following 5 conclusions and made suggestions to the future operation of Tamkang University Scout Group, other university rover scout crew and for future researches. 1. Integrating with local community is a good starting point of the development of Scout Group in a university. 2. The Key persons are crucial impetus for the transformation and growth of Scout Group. 3. The support of school authority is the resource for the stable growth of Scout Group. 4. The constitutions and by-law is the basement for the sustainable development of Scout Group. 5. The sound financial resource is the backbone for the multiple program and activities of Scout Group.
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