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Title: 我國國中生健康素養指標之建構
The Construction of Health Literacy Indicators for the Junior High School Students in Taiwan
Authors: 陳政友
Cheng-Yu Chen
Wan-Jou Liu
Keywords: 國中生
junior high school students
health literacy
Delphi technique
constructions of the indicators
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究主要目的為建構國中生健康素養指標,因此,運用德懷術研究法來建構具共識性之指標,經由二十三位曾從事或指導健康教育課程或健康素養相關研究之專家學者,以及教學經驗豐富之健康教育教師組成的德懷術專家群,完成三回合問卷調查。本研究主要結果如下: 一、專家群一致認為能以三階層研究架構來發展國中生健康素養指標,也就是將「健康十大重要議題」設定為第一層基本構面,並於各項議題下設定第二層基本構面~「核心概念與健康技能」;最後,再發展各項指標。 二、第一階層基本構面為「健康十大重要議題」,包含生長發育與老化死亡、個人衛生、家庭生活與性教育、人與食物、安全教育與急救、正確用藥與預防物質濫用、健康心理、疾病防治、消費者健康、環境衛生與保護。 三、第二階層基本構面為「核心概念與健康技能」,其中「核心概念」是指健康十大議題的重要概念;而「健康技能」包含資訊獲得、影響分析、做決定、目標設定、自我管理、人際溝通、健康倡導與問題解決,共八項。 四、第三階層為「指標」,其中核心概念項目由健康十大重要議題發展而來,共32項核心概念指標;而各項指標則是依據八大健康技能內涵,並以所有核心概念項目為中心發展而來,共288項指標。 依據結論,提供運用「國中生健康素養指標」於教育實務工作和未來研究發展方面的各項建議。
The main purpose of this study was to set up indicators for health literacy for junior high school students. The Delphi technique was utilized to collect three-rounded questionnaires and comments from 23 professionals and experienced teachers in the health education and health literacy fields. The major conclusions were as follow: 1. Experts agreed that The Construction Indicators of Junior High School Student Health Literacy in accordance with the three-hierarchy research framework: (1) Ten health topics, (2) the core concept and health skill, (3) core concepts and health skill index. 2. The first phase- Ten health topics include “growth, development, aging and death”, “personal health”, “family and sex education”, “nutrition”, “safety education and first aid”, “correct medication usage and substance abuse prevention”, “mental health”, “disease control and prevention”, “consumer health”, and “environmental hygiene and protection”. 3. The second phase -the core concept and health skill. The "core concept" was indicated to ten health issues. The "health skill" contained accessing information, analyzing influences, decision making, goal setting, self management, interpersonal communication, advocacy, and problem solving skills. 4. The third phase- core concepts and health skill index. Core concepts were extended from ten health topics with a total of 32 core concept index. And 288 core concepts and health skill index were developed from 8 health skills and base on core concepts. According to the conclusions, suggestions were proposed how to use “The Indicators of Junior High School Student Health Literacy” in practical work and future research and development.
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