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Title: 多層面促進幼兒健康之行為量表建構研究
Multidimensional Construction and Validation Study of the Toddler Health Promoting Inventory(THPI)
Authors: 黃淑貞
Sheu-Jen Huang
Meei-Ling Shyu
Keywords: 促進幼兒健康
toddler health promotion
behavior scale
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本論文旨在建構一個具信效度及常模的「多層面促進幼兒健康之行為量表」。以台北市南區某醫學中心健兒門診1~3歲幼兒的主要照顧者為研究對象,預試樣本80人,正式施測樣本410人。研究工具由研究生所編製的一個 多層面「促進幼兒健康之行為量表」,包括「飲食習慣」、「衛生習慣」、「生活作息」、「安全保護」、「體適能」、「促進發展」、「心理健康」 、「維護健康」等八個層面。本研究資料分別以項目分析、內在一致性及重 測信度、內容效度、建構效度、K平均集群法、效標關聯效度等統計方法進 行分析。 本研究結果如下: 1.完成「促進幼兒健康之行為量表」編製:共計56題,八個層面題數分別為 「飲食習慣」10題、「衛生習慣」10題、「生活作息」4題、「安全保護」 5題、「體適能」7題、「促進發展」6題、「心理健康」7題、「維護健 康」7題。 2.本量表內在一致性α係數的分析,總量表α值為.93,八個層面分量表的α值 介於.70~.81,顯示本量表具有良好的內在一致性信度。本量表重測信度r 值介於.57~.84,顯示本量表穩定性尚好。 3.量表效度考驗:(1)與內容有關的效度證據,本研究採專家學者檢定,所 有題目內容效度指數均達.80以上。(2)與建構有關的效度證據,以探索性 因素分析來考驗促進幼兒健康之行為量表的因素結構,結果支持原研究構 念。(3)與效標有關的效度證據,本研究量表與效標,即「過去一年內幼兒 生病或受傷就醫的頻率」之相關係數r值為.54,顯示中度相關。 4.建立量表常模:本量表建立原始分數的百分等級常模,以及「飲食習慣」、 「衛生習慣」、「生活作息」、「安全保護」、「體適能」、「促進發 展」、「心理健康」、「維護健康」等八個層面分量表的百分等級常模。 本研究根據研究結果提出多項具體的建議,以供醫療機構、衛生機關或教育團體的參考。
This research aims to develop a multidimensional construction and validation study of the Toddler Health Promoting Inventory(THPI). Subjects were recruited from the primary caregivers who visited OPD with toddler in a medical center and regional hospital in Taipei. Data collected were analyzed with SPSS statistical package. Descriptive statistics, item analysis, Cronbach's Alpha, test-retest, correlation, factor analysis, and K-means cluster method were conducted. The results are as follows: 1.The final version of the THPI consists of 56 items, which is divided into eight subscales, with 10, 10, 4, 5, 7, 6, 7, and 7 items in eating habits, hygienic habits, routine of life, safety life, physical fitnss, deveoplment promotion, mental health, and maintain health. 2.The reliability coefficients of the eight subscales have yielded Cronbach's α coefficients ranging from .70 to .81, with that of total THPI being .93. The test- retest reliability coefficients range from .57 to .84, indicating substantial stability. 3.Test of validity:(1) Content validity-all the items have been developed out of related literature and reviewed by scholars and experts in the field of toddler health promotion. (2) Construct validity:Factor analysis has been used in the study to test the factor structure of THPI. The result supports the original research construct. (3)Criterion validity:The coefficients of the THPI were .54. 4. The norm of the percentile rank for the THPI as well as the eight subscales have been constructed. Based on the findings, suggestions are offered for reference for educational agencies, medical development and people working in related fields.
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