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Title: 臺北市某國中學生霸凌角色與健康狀況之相關研究
The Study of Relationship between Bullying Roles and Health Status among A Junior High School Students in Taipei City
Authors: 胡益進
Yih-Jin Hu
Chia-Wei Chien
Keywords: 國中學生
Junior high school student
Bullying behavior
Bullying roles
Health status
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract:   本研究旨在探討國中學生霸凌角色與健康狀況之關係,研究對象為一百學年度第二學期就讀於臺北市某國民中學之七、八年級學生,採問卷調查法進行資料蒐集,以分層集束抽樣法從各年級隨機選取七個班級;共發出396份問卷,有效問卷386份,有效問卷回收率為97.5%。研究結果顯示:1.研究對象霸凌行為之盛行率為26.6%,其中7.5% 為霸凌者,10.6% 為受凌者,8.5% 為霸凌兼受凌者;無關者為73.4%。2.研究對象之霸凌角色會因年級、性別、管教方式、同儕關係不同而有顯著差異;健康狀況會因年級、性別、學業成績、管教方式不同而有顯著差異。3.研究對象之健康狀況會因霸凌角色不同而有顯著差異。4.研究對象之霸凌角色能有效預測其健康狀況。
The main purpose of this research was examined the relationship between bullying roles and health status among junior high school students .The participants in this research were grade 7-8 (Session 2012) junior high school students in Taipei City, who were random sampled seven classes from each grade by using questionnaire survey and stratified -cluster sampling. There were 396 questionnaires sent, 386 valid questionnaires were collected, valid response rate was 97.5%.The main results of this research were as follows:1.The bullying behavior prevalence of the subjects was 26.6%,7.5% were bullies ,10.6%were victims ,8.5% were bullies/ victim and 73.4% were Neither bullies nor victims. 2. There were statistically significant differences in the bullying roles of the subjects by different “grades”, “gender”, “manner of education” and “Peer Relationships”. There were statistically significant differences in the health status of the subjects by different “grades”, “gender”, “academic attainment” and “manner of education”. 3. There was statistically significant related between the bullying roles and the health status of the subjects. 4. Bullying roles can effectively predict the health status of the subjects.
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