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Title: 大陸來台研究生之生活壓力、學習滿意度與生活適應之調查研究
A Survey Research on Life Stress, Learning Satisfaction, and Life Adjustment of Graduate Students from Mainland China
Authors: 李思賢
Tony Szu-Hsien Lee
Chao, Jung-Chen
Keywords: 生活適應
Life Adjustment
Life Stress
Learning Satisfaction
Mainland China students
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究目的為瞭解來臺就學正式學制之大陸研究生,來臺後之生活適應現況,並探討社會人口學變項、生活壓力、復原力及學習滿意度對生活適應的影響。研究以結構式問卷進行資料蒐集,採立意取樣,方法是以民國100學年度國立大學正式學制之大陸研究生為研究對象。一共發出正式問卷156份,回收111份,經檢查無效問卷1份,共得有效問卷110份,有效回收率70.51%。統計分析結果發現性別、在臺有無親友協助處理緊急事件、在臺有就學有無經濟上的壓力、復原力、生活壓力、學習滿意度與生活適應呈顯著正相關;而生活壓力則與生活適應呈顯著負相關。建議在陸生就學相關政策尚未改變前,學校成立陸生獎學金、訂定實習就業方案、舉辦定期課業及座談會與辦理文化交流體驗活動,以協助他們早日適應來臺的生活。
The purpose of this study is to get to know the formal Graduate students from Mainland China who are currently studying in Taiwan, to know about their situation on adjusting in regular life, also probe into how the population changes, pressure from life, restoring force, and their satisfaction on their studies will affect it. The form of research is to collect data as an overall structure, and takes random sample mainly targeting the Mainland China student from National University of the year of 100. There were total of 156 that was given out, and 111 of them has been returned, one of them is unavalible, therefore 110 valid survey are avalible, which is about 70.51%. After the result been statistically analized, we found out that the factor for their differnt gender, whether they have relative or not near by to take care of their emergency needs, economic pressure, restoring force, pressure of daily life, satisfaction on their study, and how they adjust on their routine life do affect the result. The pressure of daily life and how they adjust with their life affect the result negatively. It’s recommended for Mainland China student to get scholarship, set up internship, have regular conference on their course and have some activities for them to exchange their experience, these will help them to get used to their life in Taiwan sooner.
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