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Title: 臺北市國中二年級學生與母親間對與「性」相關議題溝通之研究
Authors: 晏涵文
Keywords: 「性」相關議題
“Sex” related issues
parent-child sexual communication
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本論文旨在瞭解臺北市國中二年級學生與母親間對與「性」相關議題溝通之現況,以及探討雙方填答上是否有差異,並與1995年張美皓、晏涵文之研究結果相比較。研究以99學年度臺北市國中二年級學生及其母親為對象,採集束抽樣方式,實施問卷調查,扣除無效問卷,配對完成資料共340筆有效樣本,共680位受試者,回收率85%。問卷資料經整理及統計分析後,研究結果發現,不論是學生或母親對與「性」相關議題的溝通頻率皆偏低,態度也都偏向不自在;在五個議題中,以「親子間之身體親密」溝通情形較其他議題良好,以「懷孕、避孕、性行為」溝通情形最差;在親子之間對性溝通知覺的差異分析顯示,母親知覺溝通之頻率較子女知覺來得高,溝通態度也相對自在;與之前的研究結果相比較,母親與子女在溝通頻率與溝通態度上均有所提高。根據研究結果,建議若要順利推展性教育,除應加強家庭親子間對與「性」相關議題的溝通與加強能自在談「性」的溝通能力外,健康課程教學的落實與健康教育專業師資的適才適用,以及社會方面的大眾媒體運用與結合社區組織的力量來推展更是缺一不可。
The purpose of the research was to realize that situation nowadays of communication about sex between mothers and 8th grade children in Taipei City, and to discuss whether there are differences on both sides or not. And the research will also compare with Chang, M. H.& Yen, H. W.’s results in 1995. The interviewees of the research are 8th graders in Taipei City at 99 school year and their mothers. The questionnaire survey was conducted with cluster sampling method. There are 680 interviewees and 340 compared-effective questionnaires are obtained after reviewed with 85% effective response rate. The conclusion of the research finds that the sex related communication rate of students and their mothers is low and the attitude toward the issue is much more uncomfortable. In the five topics, the communication of “Physical intimacy between parent-child” is better than other topics. “Pregnancy, contraception and sexuality “are the worst. The variance analysis result of sex communication between parent-child shows that mother’s consciousness-communication frequency is higher than child’s, and the attitude is also much more comfortable. Comparing with Chang, M. H.& Yen, H. W.’s results in 1995, the communication frequency and attitude between mother and child are both increased. According to the result, we suggest that if the government wants to promote the sex education smoothly, it should not only enhance parent-children‘s communication frequency of “sex” related issues and the ability in talking about “sex” comfortably, but also implement the health education, employ the specialized teachers to teach the correct health knowledge, use the mass media, and cooperate with community organizations are all indispensable.
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