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Title: 學生體重控制行為意圖及其相關因素研究-以台北縣某完全中學為例
Authors: 葉國樑
Keywords: 完全中學學生
high school students
body image satisfaction
intention of weight control behavior
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在了解學生體型意識滿意度及體重控制行為意圖,並探討背景因素、心理因素、社會因素、體型意識滿意度對體重控制行為意圖的關係。以台北縣某完全中學九十七學年度第二學期在學學生為母群體,採分層隨機集束抽樣方式,選取十二個班級為研究樣本,研究工具採結構式問卷,以團體施測方式進行資料收集,最後獲得有效樣本366人。 本研究主要發現如下: 一、研究對象中有75.7%的人在未來體重控制行為意圖上選可能或非常可能。 二、男生之外表評價及身體各部位滿意度均高於女生,而對過重體重之關注則低於女生。 三、自尊越高者,其體型意識滿意度越高。 四、體型越重者、受嘲笑情形越多與受嘲笑反應強度越大者,其體型意識滿意度越低且體重控制行為意圖越高。 五、過去有體重控制經驗、體型意識滿意度越低者,其體重控制行為意圖越高,其中過去體重控制經驗則透過體型意識滿意度而影響體重控制行為意圖。
The purpose of this study was to understand the body image satisfaction and the intention of weight control behavior in the high school students. Also, the study hoped to investigate the relationships among the individual attributes, psychological factors, social factors, body image satisfaction, and the intention of weight control behavior. The study population was all students in the Ching-Shui high school in Taipei County. Subjects were obtained through stratified cluster random sampling, and 12 classes were enrolled. The study was documented with a self-questionnaire and collected with groups. There were 366 valid samples. The major findings were summarized as follows: 1. 75.7% of subjects showed the positive intention of weight control behavior in the next six months. 2. Male subjects evaluated themselves better on appearance and body-area satisfaction and lower on consideration of overweight than females did. 3. The subjects with higher self-esteem had higher body image satisfaction. 4. The subjects with bigger somatotype and more teased experience had lower body image satisfaction and higher intention of weight control behavior. 5. The subjects with the experience of the weight control and lower body image satisfaction had higher intention of weight control behavior. Also, the experience of weight control affected the intention of weight control behavior through body image satisfaction.
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