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Title: 國中教師工作壓力、壓力因應方式及工作倦怠之研究~ 以三鶯地區教師為例
Authors: 賴香如 博士
Chien Li Chieh
Keywords: 工作壓力
working stress
stress coping
job burnout
predict ability
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本論文採問卷調查,探討國中教師工作壓力、壓力因應方式及工作倦怠之關係,以台北縣三峽鎮、鶯歌鎮公立國中正式教師為對象,有效樣本為219人,回收率88 ﹪。收集資料以各校正式教師的比例,隨機抽取44 ﹪為樣本,應用單因子變異數分析、皮爾森積差相關及複迴歸等方式進行統計分析。主要發現為: 1.教師的整體工作壓力為中等程度以下,以學校組織架構與氣氛、工作與家庭衝突的壓力較大。 2.教師在面對壓力時,主要因應方式是解決問題,其次為屈服問題與休閒活動,最少做的是逃避問題或情緒調適。 3.教師的整體工作倦怠感為中等程度以下,依序為個人低成就感、情緒耗竭和無人性化。 4.教師背景因素中女性的壓力大於男性;年齡上以30~39歲者的工作壓力較大;以擁有子女數一人者及二人者壓力大於無子女者;最小子女年齡十九以上者壓力較小;在人際關係的壓力上兼任導師壓力大於兼任行政者。 5.工作壓力與休閒活動呈負相關;生涯發展壓力與解決問題、情緒調適及休閒活動呈負相關;教師工作本身的壓力與逃避問題呈負相關。 6.屈服問題與個人低成就感呈正相關;解決問題與情緒耗竭、無人性化呈負相關;休閒活動與情緒耗竭呈負相關;逃避問題與個人低成就呈正相關。 7.教師工作壓力與工作倦怠整體之間呈現正相關。 8.工作壓力與解決問題對工作倦怠有預測力。 依據研究結果,本研究乃針對學校或相關單位、教師個人及後續研究者提出若干建議,以作為後續研究之參考。 關鍵字 : 工作壓力、壓力因應方式、工作倦怠、預測力
This research used the questionnaire survey. Teachers from the public junior high schools in Sanshia and Yingge town in Taipei County, their working stress, stress coping and job burnout are the main topics in this study. 44﹪of them were selected as the sample by random sampling , and the valid returned rate is 88﹪. The data was analyzed by one-way ANOVA , Pearson’s product-moment correlation and Multiple regression, and the results appear as : 1.The teachers’ working stress is not so huge, the largest is from structure and atmosphere in school . 2.Most of them face the problem and fix it , they might surrender with the problem and vent their depress into leisure interests . 3.The job burnout for teachers is not too serious, but the low achievement would be the fist to make them feel depress. 4.The female’s is larger than the male’s ; between the age from 30 to 39 is the group having the largest stress . The stress for teachers who has one or two children is greater;whose children older than 19 has less stress . The stress of the interpersonal relationship for homeroom teacher is greater than the administrator. 5.The more working stress , the less problem solving, self emotion adjusting or the leisure interest they will apply on it. 6.The more they avoid or surrender to the problem , the lower achievement they have to bear . The tension of emotionally exhaust will reduce if they faced the problem or took some leisure activities . 7.The work stress and job burnout show positive relationship in between. 8.Job burnout can be divinable by work stress and problem solving . Based on the findings, recommendations to the school’s administrators or the authorities , teachers and further studies were provided . Key Words : working stress , stress coping , job burnout , predict ability .
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