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Title: 北部某定向俱樂部定向運動參與者涉入程度及其相關因素探討
Participant involvement and related factors of a orienteering club in northern Taiwan
Authors: 葉國樑
Gwo-Liang Yeh
Chie-Chien Tseng
Wen-Chueh Hsu
Keywords: 定向運動
Theory of Reasoned Action
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本論文本研究目的主要運用Fishbein and Ajzen 於1967年理性行動理論架構,來預測及解釋北部某定向俱樂部定向運動參與者涉入程度。研究對象為北部某定向俱樂部的學員,以民國102年4月參與活動的學員為母群體進行隨機抽樣,有效樣本共192位,本研究結果如下: 一、本研究對象從事定向運動之涉入程度大部分趨於正向約77.2%。 二、本研究對象從事定向運動的態度、主觀規範對涉入程度的解釋力為58%,加入自我效能變項後,顯著地增加從事定向運動涉入程度15.9%的變異量,總解釋力提昇為73.9%。 三、研究對象從事定向運動的態度與行為信念、結果評價的交乘積和達高度正相關;主觀規範與規範信念、依從動機的交乘積和達高度正相關。 四、研究對象從事定向運動之行為信念、結果評價、規範信念、依從動機、自我效能等個子信念與涉入程度呈顯著相關。 五、本研究支持理性行動論結合自我效能更能適切預測涉入程度。
A procedure is the main purpose of this study the use of Fishbein and Ajzen theory of reasoned action framework in 1967 to predict and explain a northern orientation club directional movement participants involvement. Object of study for a northern orientation club students, to 102 years in April to participate in the activities of the students population was a random sample of 192 valid samples. This study used a structured questionnaire to collect information to Pearson correlation, ANOVA analysis and hierarchical multiple regression statistical methods to analyze the results of this study are as follows: 1. This study's involvement in the orienteering the majority tends to approximately 77.2% positive. 2. This study engaged in orienteering 's attitude, subjective norm for the explanatory power of involvement was 58%, adding self-efficacy variables, a significant increase in the orienteering involvement 15.9% of the variance, the total explanatory power upgrade to 73.9%. 3. The orienteering of objects in the attitude and behavior of beliefs and outcome evaluation of the cross product of a highly positive correlation; subjective norms and normative beliefs, motivation to comply, and the cross product of a highly positive correlation. 4. The study of the behavior of objects in the directional movement faith, evaluation, normative beliefs, motivation to comply, such as sub-belief and self-efficacy was significantly related to involvement. 5. This support rational the intersection of action and theory combine self-efficiency, can predict, wade enter intensity while being appropriate.
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