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Title: 某社區大學學員健康促進生活型態及相關因素之研究
A Study on Health Promoting Lifestyle and the Related Factors of Community College Students
Authors: 葉國樑
Gwo-Liang Yeh
Chie-Chien Tseng
Lih-Ru Low
Keywords: 自覺健康狀態
Self-perceived health status
community college students
health behavior self-efficacy
health-promoting lifestyle
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究以某社區大學學員為研究對象,目的為探討研究對象自覺健康狀態、健康行為自我效能與健康促進生活型態的分佈情形及其相互關係。研究工具有自覺健康狀態量表、健康行為自我效能量表、健康促進生活型態量表及基本資料表,利用自填問卷方式收集,共發放問卷720份,回收有效問卷684份,回收率95%。研究結果發現(1)研究對象執行健康促進生活型態其得分以自我實現最高,其次依序為:人際支持、營養、健康責任、壓力處理,而以身體活動得分最低。自覺健康狀況為中等程度。(2)健康行為自我效能得分排序為:心理安適、運動、營養、健康責任。(3)影響社大學員健康促進生活型態之因素,包括人口特性(年齡、教育程度、婚姻狀況、職業)、自覺健康狀態及健康行為自我效能與健康促進生活型態呈正相關,亦即年齡愈大、已婚、無工作者之壓力愈小、健康狀況及執行健康促進生活型態愈好。(4)自覺健康狀態及健康行為自我效能等2 項為有效的預測變項,可解釋總變異量為59.2%。
The goal of this study was to investigate the distribution and mutual relations among self-perceived health status, health behavior self-efficacy, and health-promoting lifestyle of students in a community college. A self-administered questionnaire combined with self-perceived health status scale, health behavior self-efficacy scale, and health-promoting lifestyle scale was applied in this study. A total number of 720 questionnaires were distributed and 684 valid questionnaires were collected with a response rate of 95%. The study results found that: (1) For health-promoting lifestyle of the study object, the highest score was self-actualization, followed by interpersonal support, nutrition, health responsibility, and stress management. And the lowest score was physical activities. The status of self-perceived health was in moderate degree. (2) The scores of health behavior self-efficacy in order are: psychological well-being, exercise, nutrition and health responsibility. (3) The factors affecting health-promoting lifestyle of the students in the community college include: demographic haracteristics (age, education, marital status, and occupation), self-perceived health status and health behavior self-efficacy, which had a positive correlation with health-promoting lifestyle. The lower the stress, the older the age, married and jobless, the better health status and the better health-promoting lifestyle implementation. (4) Self-perceived health status and health behavior self-efficacy are 2 valid predicting variables, the total variance is 59.2%.
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