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Title: 臺北市内湖區交通事故傷害嚴重程度及其相關因素研究
Study on severity of traffic injuries and related factors in Neihu District of Taipei City
Authors: 陳政友
Chen, Cheng-yu
Keywords: 臺北市內湖區
Neihu District of Taipei City
traffic accident injuries
severity of injury
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究之目的為探討臺北市內湖區交通事故傷害發生的類型、嚴重程度及其相關因素,以做為推動事故傷害防制之依據。研究方法採回溯性調查法,以臺灣事故傷害預防與安全促進學會「TIPSPA傷害監測系統」資料庫,蒐集自2008年7月起至2010年6月止之臺北市內湖區民眾事故傷害個案,共1,997筆進行統計分析,研究結果如下: 一、研究對象發生交通事故傷害年齡以25-44歲最多,15-24歲與45-64歲次之;性別以男性居多;教育程度以高中職居多,大專(學)以上次之。事故發生及受傷前沒有疾病及沒有服用藥物的人較多。 二、研究對象事故發生時間以白天居多;事故屬他人造成者較多;事故歸因以人為因素居多,有五成二;發生地點以在馬路上發生的佔九成六;事故發生狀態以在走路中發生者佔八成五;事故類型與車撞有關者約七成。事故傷害嚴重程度輕度者佔二成七、重度者佔七成三。 三、研究對象交通事故傷害嚴重程度會因年齡、教育程度、事故歸因、事故發生地點、事故發生時狀態等變項之不同水準而有顯著差異,其中年齡為25-44歲及65歲(含)以上者、教育程度為高中職者、事故由他人造成者、事故歸因屬非人為因素者、事故發生地點是在馬路上者、事故發生時是在工作中者、事故類型是屬於車輛相撞者,其交通事故傷害之嚴重程度,較傾向重度傷害。 四、研究對象之個人基本變項、交通事故背景變項能有效預測其交通事故傷害之嚴重程度,其中「事故歸因」與「事故發生狀態」為交通事故傷害嚴重程度的主要預測變項。資料顯示,事故歸因屬非人為因素者、事故發生時是在工作中者,其交通事故傷害嚴重程度較傾向重度傷害;且「非人為因素事故」發生重度事故傷害是「人為因素事故」的2.02倍,事故發生時「在工作中者」是「在行路中者」的2.41倍。
The purposes of the study were to explore the occurrence of traffic accident injuries include types, severity of accident injury and related factors in Neihu District of Taipei City, to as a basis for promoting injury prevention. By retrospective survey the data were collected from "TIPSPA injury surveillance system" database of Taiwanese Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Association, all cases injuried in traffic accident occurred in Neihu District from July 2008 until June 2010. A total of 1,997 cases for statistical analysis, the results were concluded as follows: 1. Age 25-44 is the most, 15-24 and45-64 of age are the second. Male is majority. High school and vocational school of education is the most and the college is the second. No disease and no taking medicines before accident are the majority. 2. The accidents occurred mostly in the daytime. Accidents caused by others are more. Accidents caused by human factors are 52% of all causes. Places of accidents mostly on the road is about 96%;85% of accident occurred during walking. The type of accident is 70% occurred in car collision. The severity of injury are 27% of mild and 73% are severe. 3. There were significant differences in age, education, accident cause and site in relation to the severity of traffic injuries. These included 25-44 of age and above 65, high school and vocational school of education, accident caused by others, caused by non-human factors, accident took place on road, accident occurred during working, by car crush in type of accident, and severe injury in severity. 4. The predictability of severity of accident injury was on “the causes of accident” and “the occurrence status of accident”. Data revealed non-human factors, occuring time during working, severe injury in severity, non-human factors were 2.02 times of human factors. Accident occurred during “working” was 2.41 times of "walking".
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