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Title: 社區糖尿病人足部自我照護行為及其相關研究~以彰化縣各衛生所照護之糖尿病人為例
Factors Associated with Community Diabetes Foot Self-care in a Rural Area of Middle Taiwan
Authors: 葉國樑
Keywords: 社區糖尿病人
Community diabetes
foot self-care behaviors
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究為橫斷面研究,旨在探討影響社區糖尿病人足部自我照護行為及其相關因素,研究工具為足部自我照護知識、態度及行為量表。研究對象為彰化縣各衛生所收案的糖尿病人,樣本取自『彰化縣衛生局糖尿病個案管理系統』,問卷以電話訪問方式進行,共完成110人。 研究結果顯示:足部自我照護知識平均答對率74.8%,自我照護態度趨向正向,自我照護行為以足部檢查及鞋具穿著較有偏差,而足部自我照護的知識、態度與行為間均呈正相關。影響足部自我照護行為的預測因素是足部自我照護知識和態度,可解釋總變異量33.7%。影響足部病變的預測因素以未受教育且知識得分低者發生足部病變的危險性為7.95倍,罹病年數15年以上為7.04倍、有高血壓病史者為4.23倍。 本研究發現:提升足部自我照護知識及態度可改善足部自我照護行為。足部病變的高危險群為罹病年數15年以上、有高血壓病史以及未受教育且自我照護知識不足者。應加強此高危險群的足部自我照護衛教,以減少足部病變之發生。
In this study, cross-sectional study is to investigate the impact of community diabetic foot self-care behaviors related factors, research tools for the foot self-care knowledge, attitudes, behavior scale. The subjects for in Changhua County, the clinic received diabetes cases, the sample taken from 『Changhua County Health Department Diabetes Case Management System』, the questionnaire using telephone interviews conducted completed a total of 110 people. The results showed that: foot self-care knowledge the average correct response rate was 74.8%, self-care attitude towards positive, self-care behaviors to foot inspection and wear shoes with more deviation, while the foot self-care knowledge, attitudes and behavior were positively correlated. Impact of foot self-care behaviors are predictors of foot self-care knowledge and attitude, the amount of total variance 33.7%. Predictors of foot lesions affect the uneducated and the knowledge to score the lower the risk of occurrence of foot lesions is 7.95 times the sick number of years over 15 years is 7.04-fold, there is a history of hypertension were the 4.23-fold. This study found that: enhance self-care knowledge and attitudes of the foot can improve foot self-care behaviors. Foot lesions in high-risk group for the sick number of years more than 15 years, with history of hypertension, as well as the uneducated and the self-care were lack of knowledge. This high-risk groups should be strengthened self-foot guard according to religion, in order to reduce the occurrence of foot lesions. Keywords: Community diabetes、 foot self-care behaviors
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