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Title: 國中學生代謝症候群之相關因素探討---以屏東縣國一學生為例
A pilot study on metabolic syndrome and its correlated factors of 7th grade students in Pingtung city
Authors: 葉國樑
Kao Cheng Chih
Keywords: 國中學生
7th grade students
metabolic syndrome
health lifestyle
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國中學生代謝症候群發生率及其判斷因素,其與個人背景因素及個人健康生活型態之關係,並找出影響國中學生代謝症候群發生率的主要因素。本研究為橫斷式調查法,以屏東縣兩所學校97學年度國一新生為研究對象,利用測量其身高、體重、血壓、腰圍及血液生化值包括空腹血糖、空腹三酸甘油脂及高密度脂蛋白,自填式結構問卷進行資料的收集,包括個人背景資料、飲食行為、運動行為、不健康行為---飲酒、抽菸與檳榔行為及規律生活作息。共有效問卷1995份、完整生化資料886份。 研究結果顯示: 1. 國中學生代謝症候群6個判斷因素中,肥胖及血壓異常在國中生發生率為最多。其中肥胖盛行率高於全國國中生盛行率。 2. 以衛生署訂定青少年肥胖標準取代腰圍90百分位,修訂代謝症候群診斷符合地區性標準。研究對象與的性別、個人肝炎看電視時間有顯著性差異。 最後,依據研究結果針對國中學生之衛生教育、健康促進策略及健檢提出建議,作為預防國中生代謝症候群發生之參考及將來可能的研究方向。
The aim of this study was to investigate theincidence of metabolic syndrome of 7th grade students in Pingtung city and it related factors, especially their individual background and unhealthy life style. A cross-sectional design was chosen and dates collected included height, weight, blood pressure, waist circumference and blood biochemical values such as fasting blood glucose (TG), fasting triglyceride (TC) and high density lipoprotein (HDL). Self-reported questionnaires that include: personal background information on eating behavior, exercise behavior, unhealthy behavior such as drinking, smoking and betel nut rest behavior and about their 7th grade students’ daily life in Pingtung city. A total of 1995 copies of questionnaire were effectively completed and 886 blood biochemical value dates retrieved The results showed that: 1. Out of the 6 determinant factors for metabolic syndrome, obesity and blood pressure abnormalities stand the highest incidence among these 7th grade students. Their incidence of being obesity was higher than all other 7th grade students in Taiwan. 2. According to Department of Health of Taiwan which set the guideline to use obesity in replace the waist 90 percentile, to make the diagnosis of “metabolic syndrome” appropriate to regional standards for diagnosis. Significant difference noted for study objects, sex, hepatitis and time waste on watching TV. Finally, according to the results from this study, we propose suggestions on health education for 7th grade students, health promotion strategies and health medical check up. It also served as guideline for future prevention of 7th grade student’s metabolic syndrome and more detail research.
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