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Title: 孩童行動科技使用之廣告暴露與理解及家長管教研究
Study on Children’s Mobile Technology Use, Advertising Exposure, Understanding, and Parental Mediation
Authors: 張鳳琴
Chang, Fong-Ching
Chen, Chen-Yu
Keywords: 孩童
mobile device
mobile advertising
parental mediation
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討孩童行動科技使用之廣告暴露與理解及家長管 教。本研究採立意取樣,以半結構式深入訪談蒐集資料,共完成臺北地區與屏東縣共7對國小中年級孩童與其家長的訪談,結果如下: 一、受訪孩童行動科技使用用途多以玩遊戲、看影片為主,並以使用智慧型手機者居多,其中4人擁有自己的手機。 二、受訪孩童表示在使用手機、平板電腦的過程中,看到廣告的頻率非常頻繁,最常出現在YouTube及手機遊戲中,廣告內容以遊戲為最多,且多含有色情與暴力的訊息。 三、受訪孩童大多認為自己對於在手機、平板電腦上使用中出現的廣告不一定能夠辨識,但能瞭解廣告的銷售意圖,且知道不能隨便相信。 四、大部分的受訪孩童對廣告態度感到厭煩,會選擇等待倒數秒數結束後直接略過廣告,少部分的孩童採取積極性作為,事先設定將應用程式內的廣告關閉、檢舉、或下載阻擋廣告的應用程式。 五、大部分的受訪家長不清楚孩童在行動科技上廣告暴露情形,然都害怕孩童可能接觸色情與暴力的廣告內容。 六、受訪家長對於孩童行動科技使用的管教大多採限制性管教,又以限制時間為最多,另也會採取主動性管教,向孩童分享自身經驗、新聞案例來教導孩童使用網路的安全。 依據訪談結果建議加強孩童廣告素養教育及家長管教效能。
The purpose of this study was to explore children’s mobile device use, exposure to mobile advertising, understanding, and parental mediation. Qualitative research method and semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted in 2018. Participants included 7 parent-child dyads from Taipei and Pingtung. The results were as follows. 1.Children used mobile devices to play games and watch videos. Four children had their own smartphone. 2.Children frequently exposed to mobile advertising on YouTube and mobile games. Most in-game advertisements (ads) contained violent and sexual content. 3.Most children could not recognize mobile ads, while children could understand the selling intent of mobile ads and disbelieve the ads. 4.Most children were annoyed by seeing mobile ads. Children’s responses included waiting countdown seconds to skip the ads or setting ads skip. 5.Most parents were unaware of children’s exposure to mobile ads, while they concerned about their children’s exposure to violence and sex in ads. 6.Parents implemented restrictive mediation (i.e., limiting child’s screen time) and active mediation (i.e., teaching Internet safety). According to the interview results, it is recommended to implement children's advertising literacy education and enhance parental mediation of children’s mobile device use.
Other Identifiers: G060505006E
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