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Title: 大學生的捐血知識、態度與捐血行為之探討-台北地區某大學為例
Knowledge,attitude and practice of blood donation among students in an university in Taipei
Authors: 張晏蓉
Chang, Yen-Jung
Liao, Li-Ju
Keywords: 大學生
undergraduate students
blood donation
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract:   本研究目的為探討大學生的捐血知識、態度與捐血行為之間的相關性。此為橫斷性研究,研究對象為台北地區某大專院校之20歲以上的大學生,以自編式問卷進行調查,樣本數為372人。研究結果如下: 一、研究對象在過去一年內有捐血行為的有12.6%。 二、研究對象在捐血知識量表的答對率為62.2%,女性的答對率(63.8%)相較於男性的答對率高(58.9%)。 三、捐血態度總平均得分為3.78分(題項分數為1~5分)。 四、捐血知識量表答對率較高,較容易出現捐血行為(OR=1.04,95%CI=1.02-1.06) 。 五、捐血態度量表的分數較高(越傾向正向態度),較容易出現捐血行為(OR=7.87,95%CI=3.42-18.10)。  
The purpose of this study was to examine the correlation between knowledge, attitudes, and practice of blood donation among undergraduate students. The subjects of this cross-sectional study were undergraduate students over 20-year-old in a school in Taipei. The self-administered questionnaire was given to 372 participants. The results of the study are as follows: 1. Among study participants, 12.6% had ever donated blood during the past year. 2. Overall, the rate of correctly answering to the questionnaire of knowledge on blood donation was 62.3%. Female participants had a higher score on knowledge questionnaire (63.8%) than male participants (58.9%). 3. Participants had a positive attitude toward blood donation (the average score was 3.78 points out of 5.0 points). 4. Participants who reported a higher score on blood donation knowledge questionnaire were more likely to donate blood in the past year. (OR: 1.04; 95% CI: 1.02-1.06). 5. Participants who reported a higher score on the blood donation attitude questionnaire (with more positive attitude) were more likely to donate blood in the past year. (OR: 7.87; 95% CI: 3.42-18.10).
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