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Title: 臺北市國小五年級學童使用3C產品的視力保健行為及其相關因素研究
Factors Related to Vision Care Behavior of 3C Usage among Elementary School Students in Taipei City
Authors: 張鳳琴
Chang, Fong-Ching
Hsieh, Chih-Hua
Keywords: 3C產品
3C product
Fifth grade student
Vision care behavior
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國小五年級學童使用3C產品的視力保健行為及其相關影響因素,經多階段抽樣法抽出臺北市16所國民小學五年級學童,以自填式結構調查問卷蒐集資料,有效問卷共1273份,研究結果如下: 一、 研究對象一週平均使用平板電腦上網及智慧型手機(含上網)的時間為10.67小時。九成研究對象對使用3C產品之風險感知高,七成研究對象表示家長有限制其3C產品使用時間,研究對象有時或經常採取3C產品使用之視力保健行為。 二、 研究對象背景變項中之性別、課業表現、家庭居住型態、3C產品使用時間、3C產品使用的風險感知、電子健康素養及家長3C產品使用時間管教與使用3C產品的視力保健行為呈現顯著相關。 三、 複迴歸分析結果顯示研究對象為女性、課業表現較佳、父母共同生活、3C產品使用時間較短、對3C產品使用風險感知較高、電子健康素養較佳及家長有限制其3C產品使用時間,能有效預測使用3C產品之視力保健行為。
The present study assessed vision care behaviors of 3C usage and examined related factors among fifth grade students in Taipei City. Participants were randomly selected from 16 elementary schools in Taipei City, with a total of 1273 students completed self-administered questionnaires. The main findings were as follows. 1. Participant children spent 11 hours a week using tablets and smartphones. Ninety percent of children had high level of risk perception of 3C usage, while 70% reported that their parents restricted their 3C usage time. Children reported sometimes implemented vision care behaviors of 3C usage. 2. Factors related to children’s vision care behaviors of 3C usage included gender, academic performance, family structure, 3C usage time, risk perception of 3C usage, eHealth literacy, and parental mediation. 3. Participant children who were girls, had better academic performance, had intact family, spend less time on 3C usage, had higher levels of risk perception, eHealth literacy, and parental restrictive mediation were more likely to implement vision care behaviors of 3C usage
Other Identifiers: G060405006E
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