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Title: 以健康信念模式探討大學生接種人類乳突病毒疫苗之行為意圖及相關因素研究
Factors Associated with University Students’ Intention of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: A Heath Belief Model Approach
Authors: 張鳳琴
Chang, Fong-Ching
Huang, Li-Yun
Keywords: 健康信念模式
Health belief model
HPV vaccine
HPV vaccination intention
university students
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在以健康信念模式探討大學生接種人類乳突病毒疫苗之行為意圖及相關因素。研究對象為103學年度第二學期就讀台灣北部3所大學的學生,共分析533人。以自填式問卷進行調查,重要結果如下: 一、研究對象整體對於HPV相關知識偏中上程度。HPV行動線索主要來源是從學校、媒體及衛生單位。 二、研究對象整體之HPV自覺罹患性、HPV疫苗自覺行動障礙、HPV疫苗自我效能、HPV疫苗行為意圖皆偏向中間程度。HPV自覺嚴重性、HPV自覺行動利益皆偏向中上程度。 三、女性研究對象在HPV行動線索、接種HPV疫苗健康信念之「HPV自覺罹患性」、「HPV疫苗自覺行動障礙」、「HPV疫苗行動意圖」顯著高於男性。 四、研究對象之HPV行動線索、HPV自覺罹患性、HPV疫苗自覺行動利益、HPV疫苗自我效能與HPV疫苗行動意圖呈顯著正相關。HPV疫苗自覺行動障礙與與HPV疫苗行動意圖呈顯著負相關。 五、研究對象之HPV行動線索、HPV健康信念之「HPV自覺罹患性」、「HPV疫苗自我效能」可有效預測HPV疫苗接種行為意圖。 本研究建議學校及衛生單位可增加HPV疫苗訊息的露出來強化HPV行動線索,及增加HPV相關教育活動來提升大學生自覺罹患性、HPV疫苗自我效能,增進學生HPV疫苗接種。 關鍵字:健康信念模式、人類乳突病毒疫苗、HPV疫苗接種行為意圖、大學生。
The purpose of this study was to explore factors associated with university students’ intention of human papillomavirus vaccination (HPV). The present study analyzed 533 undergraduate students from 3 northern Taiwan universities in 2015. Self-administered structured questionnaires were used. The main findings were as follows. 1.Overall, university students’ had average/high HPV knowledge scores. HPV cues to action were mainly form schools, media and healthcare providers. 2.Students’ perceived susceptibility to HPV, perceived barriers of HPV vaccination, self-efficacy, and HPV vaccination intention were at middle levels, while students’ perceived severity to HPV and perceived benefits of HPV vaccination were at middle/high levels. 3.Female studnets’ perceived susceptibility to HPV, perceived barriers of HPV vaccination, and HPV vaccination intention were significantly higher than males. 4.HPV cues to action, perceived susceptibility, perceived benefits, and self-efficacy were positively associated with HPV vaccination intention, while perceived barriers was negatively associated with HPV vaccination intention. 5.HPV cues to action, perceived susceptibility to HPV, and self-efficacy could predict HPV vaccination intention. It was suggested that educational institutions and health sectors could increase HPV vaccine message exposure to increase cues to action and conduct HPV educational acitivities to improve students’ perceived susceptibility and self-efficacy of HPV vaccination. Key word: Health belief model, HPV vaccine, HPV vaccination intention, university students.
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