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Title: 台北市某私立中學學生睡眠品質及其相關因素研究
A Study on the Sleep Quality and the Related Factors of Junior High School and Senior High School Students in Taipei City
Authors: 陳政友
Chen, Cheng-Yu
Chen, Pei-Ling
Keywords: 睡眠品質
sleep quality
junior high school students
senior high school students
personal habits
living stress
academic stress
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討中學生睡眠品質及相關因素。以台北市某私立中學學生為母群體,採分層集束抽樣,抽取8個班級,以結構式問卷為研究工具,得有效問巻為357份,有效回收率為100%。本研究所得重要結果如下: 一、研究對象的自覺健康狀況屬中等以下程度,而個人習慣中的睡眠環境、睡眠習慣、網路使用、飲食習慣都屬中上程度,其中睡眠環境十分良好;生活壓力屬中下程度,其中以課業壓力最大,家庭壓力次之,人際壓力最小。研究對象的睡眠品質屬中度睡眠困難,其中睡眠品質差的人佔44.0%,且有3.1%的人睡眠品質嚴重不良。 二、研究對象中的男生、國中部七年級及自覺健康狀況越好者,其睡眠品質較佳;而個人習慣越差,睡眠品質越差;另外,生活壓力越大者,睡眠品質也越差,其中以人際壓力與睡眠品質的關係最大。 三、研究對象之背景變項、個人習慣及生活壓力可以有效的預測睡眠品質,並可解釋其總變異量之35.2%;其中以「性別」、「自覺健康狀況」、「睡眠環境」、「睡眠習慣」、「網路使用」、「課業壓力」及「家庭壓力」為主要預測變項,並以「自覺健康狀況」的影響力最大。結果顯示,研究對象中女生,自覺健康狀況、睡眠環境、睡眠習慣及網路使用越差者,課業壓力及家庭壓力越大者,其睡眠品質越差。
The purposes of this study are to investigate the background factors that impact on the sleep quality of junior and senior high school students in Taipei City. With multi-stage stratified cluster sampling method, 357 valid samples (response rate 100%)from 8 classes provides the data with a self-administered structured questionnaire.The results of this research are summarized as follows: 1. Conscientious health status of study is below average, and sleep environment, sleep habits, Internet use, eating habits that among the personal habits are above average especially the sleep environment which is quite well. The life pressure is lower than average,which the biggest impact is academic pressure, followed by family pressure and interpersonal pressure. The average PSQI score of the study is medium difficulty, in which 44.0 % are rated as poor sleepers while 3.1% have serious adverse sleep quality. 2. The male subjects of the study, who are at grade seven and have better conscientious health status have better quality of sleep.Besides,those who have worse personal habits and more life pressure have worse sleep quality,in which the most related factor to sleep quality is the interpersonal pressure. 3. The background variables, personal habits and life stress of study can effectively predict the sleep quality and explain why the total amount of variance is 35.2%.The main predictive variables are gender,conscientious health status,sleep environment,sleep habits,internet use, academic pressure and family pressure.Also, conscientious health status is the most influential. The results shows the female and people with worse conscientious health status,worse sleep environment,worse sleep habits,worse Internet use, more academic or family pressure have poorer sleep quality.
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