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Title: 高中生對無菸校園之意見及相關因素研究- 以大明高中為例
The study on the opinions of smoke-free schools and its correlative factors by the students in Ta Ming senior high school
Authors: 胡益進
Keywords: 高中生
Senior High School Students
Smoke-free Schools
smoking knowledge
anti-smoking attitudes
self-efficacy of anti-smoking
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討高中學生對無菸校園意見及其相關因素。以台中縣大明高中全體學生為母全體。本研究採問卷調查方式,以立意取樣方式分層隨機抽樣,共獲得502份有效問卷,收集的資料經處理與統計分析後,得到以下重要發現: 一、研究對象的菸害知識屬中上程度;反菸態度偏向正向,拒菸自我效能佳;對無菸校園的意見偏向正向。 二、重要他人對無菸校園意見整體偏向支持程度,其中又以導師的支持度最高,其次是母親、兄弟姐妹、父親、好友。 三、研究對象獲得無菸校園及菸害防制法相關資訊,獲得情形屬中等。未來希望獲得資訊的管道為雜誌相關文宣資料、融入正式課程、演講及網路。 四、學生性別、成績排行、吸菸行為、吸菸知識、反菸態度、拒菸自我效能、支持性環境、相關資訊的獲得及學校預防吸菸利用情形都與無菸校園意見有顯著正相關。重要他人吸菸行為與無菸校園意見呈現負相關。 五、預測無菸校園意見之重要變項有:吸菸知識、反菸態度、拒菸自我效能、相關訊息、支持性環境。這些主要的預測因素又以反菸態度影響最大。 根據本研究發現提出數項結論和建議,以提供學校推動無菸校園計畫之參考,並提供未來研究方向之建議。
Abstract The purpose of this study is to understand the opinion of smoke-free schools of senior high school students. The questionnaire survey is used in this study. The sample is selected from the students of Ta Ming senior High School in Taichung . After performing a survey using determined sampling method, this study collects 502 available samples. From the compiled data of those samples, five significant findings can be presented as follows:  (1)Most of the samples have correct knowledge of tobacco. Their anti-smoking attitudes are relatively positive. They also have higher degree of self- efficacy of anti-smoking. They are very supportive of smoke-free schools.  (2)The important persons are very supportive of smoke-free schools, the most highest are from the teachers' supports, the next are the mothers, the siblings, the fathers and the good friends. (3)The people of this study obtain the information about smoke-free schools and the Tobacco Hazard Control Act just origin medium. And they hope they can get more information from some correlative articles, in magazine, formal courses, lectures, and the network. (4)The variables which have a positive relationship with the opinions of smoke-free schools of the senior high school students are students’ sex, grades rank, smoking behavior, smoking knowledge, anti-smoking attitudes, self- efficacy of anti-smoking, supporting environment , the obtaining of the correlative information and the situation of the school smoking prevention. The smoking behavior of the important persons shows negative relationships with the opinions of smoke-free schools. (5)The important factors of the prediction of the opinions of smoke-free schools from the senior high school students are smoking knowledge, anti-smoking attitudes, self- efficacy of anti- smoking, the correlative news, the supporting environment . Among these factors, the anti-smoking attitudes are the most influential ones.   Based on the findings of this study, I can provide some conclusions and suggestions, in order to offer some references to the smoke-free school plans, as well as some suggestions about the directions of future research.
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