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Title: 不同控握信念護理應屆畢業生之工作價值觀、自我效能與從事護理工作意願之相關探討-以新竹某科技大學為例
A Study on the Work Values, Self-Efficacy and Willingness to Nursing Work among NursingGraduating Students`Locus of Control --Take University of Science and Technology in Hsinchu
Authors: 葉國樑
Liu, Yen-I
Keywords: 護理應屆畢業生
nursinggraduating students
locus of control
work values
willingness to nursing work
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討不同控握信念的護理系應屆畢業生,其工作價值觀、自我效能,對未來從事護理工作意願之相關探討。本研究以便利抽樣方式選取新竹地區某科技大學護理系應屆畢業生為研究對象,並以修編「不同控握信念護理應屆畢業生之工作價值觀、自我效能與從事護理工作意願研究問卷」作為研究工具,共得有效樣本247份。研究結果彙整歸納如下: 一、護理系應屆畢業生的控握信念偏向為「內控信念」;護理系應屆畢業生當前較重視「經濟安全價值」工作價值觀;護理系應屆畢業生至少留在護理工作三個月,但卻對長期留在護理工作不具信心。 二、只有二成應屆畢業生表示有參與志工相關活動;整體可以看出應屆畢業生對於就讀護理學系仍具高度興趣。 三、不同背景之護理應屆畢業生,在工作價值觀、自我效能有部分顯著差異;不同控握信念之護理應屆畢業生,在工作價值觀、自我效能有顯著相關。 四、工作價值觀、自我效能與從事護理工作意願有顯著相關存在。 五、護理應屆畢業生整體工作價值觀量表、「自我認同價值」、自我效能整體量表及「經濟安全價值」有效且正向預測從事護理工作意願且預測力高,解釋力為50.5%(R2=.505),其中以整體工作價值觀量表對於從事護理工作意願的預測力最高。
The main purposes of the study wereto investigate the work values,self-efficacy andwillingness to nursing work among thenursinggraduating students`locus of control. The data werecollected by questionnaires with convenience samplingtoward the sample-247 University of Science and Technology in Hsinchu students.The significant results were summarized as follow: 1. The highscores of internal locus of control of thenursinggraduating students; thenursinggraduating students intend to work values of economic and safety; the nursing graduating students are willing to nursing work at least 3 months, but they are not willing to nursing work for a long time. 2. There are only twenty percent nursinggraduating studentsjoined volunteer activity; and all nursinggraduating students interests in nursing department of University of Science and Technology. 3.The results indicate significantvariances of different personal background on work values and self-efficacy;there are also significant relation of the nursing graduating students` locus of control on work values and self-efficacy. 4. There are also significant relation of work values and self-efficacy on willingness to nursing work. 5. The results of regression of willingness to nursing work predict on work values and self-efficacy,the hole model R-square is 0.505; the high predict of willingness to nursing work is “work values”.
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