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Title: 鼓動人生:一位肢體障礙學生學習爵士鼓的成長生命故事
March to the Beat of a Different Drum:The Story of a Physically-challenged Student Learning Jazz Drumming
Authors: 張鳳琴
Chang, Fong-Ching
Huang, Yu-Lun
Keywords: 肢體障礙生
Physically-challenged student
narrative analysis
jazz drum
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究目的在探究一位肢體障礙生,研究者透過深度訪談、文本蒐集以及參與觀察方式,訪談個案及親師共五位受訪者,探索成長過程透過學習爵士鼓後對於其肢體訓練、自信心建立和親師互動,嘗試建構YI2的音樂生命全貌:但後天打鼓的精神與毅力讓天生的殘缺幻化為鼓動的音符。本研究採用敘說分析,研究結果發現,透過本篇「鼓動生命」故事,首先能夠深入體察,YI2「茁壯自我」故事之脈絡跡尋,YI2肢體障礙中啟發興趣,自我生命挑戰與復原;再者,YI2學習歷程家庭、貴人和信仰力量相助之「魔力歷程」;最後,呈現「鼓動人生」,表演與學習爵士鼓對於個人、家庭和學校的影響。雖然本文描寫僅只個案研究,能對教育實務工作者及家長建議,能給予個別關照與傾聽,保持良好親師關係,並主動發掘優勢給予肯定,能讓肢體障礙生成長歷程有所幫助。
The purpose of this study is to make an investigation on a physical-challenged student, who affects deeply by playing Jazz drumming. After his hard work, he is good at Jazz drumming, and his other aspects of life turned great as well. To further explore, the researcher interviewed five interviewees; they are his grandfather, grandmother and two teachers and himself. Through depth interviews, texts collection and participant observation, the interviewees and researcher could tell his differences on some aspects, such as his body training, confidence-building, and interact with significant others by playing jazz drum. The interviewees are surprised at his drum performance even without a sound body, so the researcher tries to collect these factors to have a whole picture of YI2’s life with music. The researcher used narrative analysis. First we could deeply find out the trace of how he grow, inspire himself, rehabilitate and challenge fate. Then we could know his family, elegant and faith would contribute to the enhancement of his YI2 learning process. Finally, this true story presents it has an influence on himself, family and school. Which is playing and studing jazz drumming. Although this is only one single case study, but it sets a good example for educators, practical workers and parents. By sharing the story and research result, we aim to provide suggestions on how to interact with the disabled.
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