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Title: 醫院員工職場健康促進計畫參與度與體適能之探討
A Research on the Relationship between Hospital Employee’s Involvement in Workplace Health Promotion Program and Their Physical Fitness Performance
Authors: 董貞吟
Tung, Chen-Yin
Hsu, Kuo-En
Keywords: 參與度
hospital employee
physical fitnessworkplace
health promotion
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本論文研究目的在探討醫院員工職場健康促進計畫參與度與體適能之關係。運用健康促進點數代表員工職場健康促進計畫的參與度,並將點數分為運動類、健康促進知識類及自主健康管理類三大類點數。每個類別點數有不同的健康促進活動項目;每參與各項活動依照認證點數辦法給予健康促進點數1點,點數越高代表參與健康促進計畫活動程度越高,再從體適能檢測結果來探討員工職場健康促進計畫參與度與體適能之關係。本研究採立意取樣方式,挑選桃園市某區域醫院為研究樣本,樣本人數共866人。研究結果發現員工職場健康促進計畫活動參與度整體不高;整體體適能狀態以「稍差」為居多。職場健康促進計畫活動參與率最多的類別為自主健康管理類活動,最少為運動類活動。整體參與度以行政職類人員、高工作年資者最高。職場健康促進計畫活動運動類、知識類及總參與度參與越高,則整體體適能總分表現就愈高。運用迴歸分析影響體適能結果的預測模式中,以「性別」、「自主健康類點數」、「運動類點數」及「總點數」最具顯著預測力。
The purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between participation in workplace health promotion program and physical fitness performance. We use health promotion points to quantify the degree of participation in workplace health promotion program and classified the points into three categories as physical exercise, health promotion knowledge and individual health management. Every category contents different items of health promotion activities; participation of each certified health promotion activities will score one health promotion point. Higher score represents higher participation in activities of health promotion program, and we use employee’s physical fitness performance data to investigate the relationship between their degree of participation in workplace health promotion program and their physical fitness performance strength. In this study, we use selection sampling approach, collected samples via a district hospital in Taoyuan city, total 866 samples. Research found that the overall participation of employees in the workplace health promotion program activity is not high. Overall physical fitness status is “below average” in the majority. The highest participation rate of workplace health promotion program activities is individual health management activities; the least is the sports activities. Overall participation rate is highest in the administrative staff and senior staff. The higher the degree of participation in workplace health promotion program activities, including physical exercise activities, health promotion knowledge and overall participation, the higher the overall score in physical fitness performance. Using prediction model of regression analysis, the he most significant predictive power of physical fitness performance is ‘gender’, ‘individual health management score’, ‘physical exercise score’ and ‘ overall score’.
Other Identifiers: G0001053118
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