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Title: 高中職學生非法藥物使用與學校、社區環境之危險因子探討
A Study on the School and Community Risk Factors of Senior High School Students with Illicit Drug
Authors: 郭鐘隆
Guo, Jong-Long
Chu, Hsiao-Chuan
Keywords: 青少年
illicit drug
drug use behavior
risk factor
Poisson Regression Model
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解高中職學生非法藥物使用與學校及社區環境的關係,並探討學生非法藥物使用之危險因子。 資料來源係採用「藥物濫用防制問卷統計分析計畫」資料庫中,依據「多段分層級束抽樣法」抽出之85所台灣高中職及專科學校學生用藥行為統計資料;接著搜尋並彙整85所樣本學校之學校環境與社區環境之官方公告統計資料庫數據,以完成學生用藥行為、學校、社區三方面基礎資料建置;最後以卜瓦松線性迴歸模式進行相關資料分析。研究結果發現:1.「學校層面」之公私立學校、就讀學校類型、日夜別、學生性別是預測高中職學生非法藥物使用的變項。2.「社區層面」之休學率、離婚率、特定娛樂場所、大學以上人口比例、製造販賣私劣酒案件數,是預測高中職學生非法藥物使用的變項。3.公私立學校、日夜別、學生性別、休學率、特定娛樂場所為最重要的預測變項。4.「私立學校」、「夜間部學生」、「男學生」及「休學率高」、「特定娛樂場所多」的社區是導致高中職學生非法藥物使用的危險因子。研究結果可提供未來規劃藥物防制政策,以及擬定健康促進學校或社區計畫之介入策略參考。
The research in this paper focused on studying the the risk factors between senior high school students with illicit drug use and the enviroment of both school and community. In the first phase, illicit drug use behavior data used in this paper is provided by "Drug abuse prevention questionnaire statistical analysis program" database. The Multi-stages stratified cluster sampling method is used to choose 85 school samples. The senior high schools, vacational schools and specialist schools in Taiwan is included in these samples. In the second phase, formed a data bank by searching and summarizing the basic information from various official statistical database for the schools and communities to find the relationships about drug use behavior of students, school and community. The Poisson Regression Model was used to analysis statistical data in the end. The conclusions are found in the following. (1) The forecast variables of senior high school students illicit drugs use at" the school level " including public or private school, type of school, day or night school, student gender . (2) The forecast variables of senior high school students illicit drugs use at" the community level" including suspended rate, divorce rate, specific entertainment venue, proportion of the population over the University, the amount of manufactured and trafficked about private wine. (3)The strongest forecast variables in the behavior with illicit drug use including public or private school, day or night school, student gender, drop out rate, specific entertainment venue. (4)The risk factors of senior high school students with illicit drugs use including "private school", "night school students", "male students", "high drop out rate" and "more specific entertainment venue". References will be provided from the results of this paper for both the future planning of drug prevention and control policy and the development of health-promoting programs in school and community.
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