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Title: 健康旅遊體驗與幸福感之研究
Exploring Tourist Experience and Well-being in Health Tourism
Authors: 孫瑜華
Pei-Husn Lu
Keywords: 健康旅遊體驗
tourist experience in health tourism
sense of well-being
personality traits
health-promotion lifestyle
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究探討溫泉、SPA旅遊旅客之「健康旅遊體驗」與其「幸福感」之影響,同時考量其「人格特質」及「健康生活型態」兩個區隔變項。本研究區分:研究一為旅客部份,研究二為專家部分,分別回收519份及28份問卷。研究一先以階層迴歸驗證「人格特質」及「健康生活型態」在健康旅遊體驗與幸福感間所扮演之調節效果,也驗證了兩者都會透過「健康旅遊體驗」中介影響到旅客「幸福感」。再以結構方程模式分析四構面間的因果關係;研究二則以決策實驗室分析法(DEMATEL),瞭解構面間之影響程度及被影響程度的關聯性,及網路關聯圖,研究結果發現旅客之人格特質不僅影響其健康生活型態,也影響到健康旅遊體驗,進而影響旅客在參團後的幸福感。為能有效提升旅客之「幸福感」,根本要先了解旅客之「人格特質」及「健康生活型態」,進而發展合適之行銷策略。
This research examines the impact of tourists’ experience in health tourism – including hot spring and SPA-on their sense of well-being. It also takes into consideration two segmentation factors- personality traits and health-promotion lifestyle. This research consists of two parts: the subject of part one is tourists, which includes 519 effective questionnaires; and the subject of part two is professionals, which includes 28 effective questionnaires. In the first part, two methods are employed to analyze tourists’ experiences. First, this research uses hierarchical regression to prove that personality traits and health-promotion lifestyle play moderating role in establishing the relationship between tourist experience in health tourism and their sense of well-being. It further shows that personality traits and health-promotion lifestyle have impact on tourists’ sense of well-being by the mediation of their experience in health tourism. Secondly, it applies SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) model to analyze the cause-effect relationship between above four constructs. In the second part, this research employs DEMATEL (Decision Making Trail and Evaluation Laboratory) method to understand the degree of influence between these constructs, the relevance of influence between them, and their network relation map. This research concludes that tourists’ personality traits affect their health-promotion lifestyle, influence their experience in health tourism, also affects their sense of well-being after the trip. In order to enhance tourists’ sense of well-being, this research recommends that one should first understand tourists’ personality traits and health-promotion lifestyle when developing appropriate marketing strategies.
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