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Title: 一位教師以圖畫書進行幼兒正向情緒教學之研究
A teacher used picture books executed children's positive emotional teaching.
Authors: 簡淑真
cheng ping Lin
Keywords: 正向情緒
positive emotion
positive emotions teaching activities
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究藉櫻桃附幼櫻桃班實施正向情緒教學,分別以自信、愉悅、知足和樂觀為主題,由陳老師進行圖畫書教學為期八週。本次設計規劃以陳老師為主,研究者為輔,再由陳老師執行,研究者則在教學後訪談陳老師,以促進教學在設計、執行、檢視和改善間不停循環。研究者運用觀察、錄音、訪問的方式,蒐集現場資料,包含教室環境的規劃、師生的互動及教學活動的進行,以利瞭解實際的情況。 研究發現陳老師在設計時擬訂關鍵教學目標,並提供穩定的環境和例行的作息,促進幼兒的學習。陳老師在執行時持續改善的教學設計,並運用圖畫書情節幫助幼兒理解正向情緒,且利用提問鼓勵幼兒表達正向情緒,亦提供幼兒足夠的時間回顧生活經驗。陳老師在歷程中的轉變,從理解正向情緒教學的運作,到教學技巧愈趨成熟,亦嘗試不同方式進行教學。另外,教學人數的安排,圖書畫寓意的選擇,討論題目的篩選,課程的整合皆是陳老師所遇到的困難。最後依據研究結果,對相關單位提出建議。
The study used cherry preschool cherry class to implement the positive emotions teaching. Self-confidence, joy, contentment, and optimism are the theme of picture books teaching for a period of eight weeks by teacher Chen. The design and planning mainly to teacher Chen, researcher supplemented, executed by Chen, researchers interviewed teacher Chen after teaching to promote the teaching in the design, implementation, review and improve inter-non-stop cycle. Researcher used observation, recording, accessible way to collect field data, including the planning of the classroom environment, teacher-student interaction and teaching activities carried out in order to facilitate understanding of the actual situation. The study found that teacher Chen defined key teaching objectives of, and provided a stable environment and routine schedule for children learning, in the design. Teacher Chen continued to improve in the implementation of instructional design, and used the picture books to help children understand positive emotions, and used questions to encourage children to express positive emotions, and also to provide children sufficient time to review their life experience. Teacher Chen from understand the operation of the positive emotional teaching, teaching skills increasingly mature that, tried different ways of teaching in the course. In addition, the number of arrangements of teaching, choice of books drawn to discuss the subject of screening, and the integration of the curriculum were the difficulties encountered by Teacher Chen. Finally, according to the findings, recommendations related units.
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