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Title: 低社經幼兒生活經驗敘說所呈現之生活樣貌
From children’s personal narratives to understanding their lives: A study of children from low-socioeconomic families
Authors: 賴文鳳
Wen-Feng Lai
Chieh-Yun Wang
Keywords: 生活經驗敘說
personal narrative
children’s lives
children of low-socioeconomic families
narrative evaluation
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過五位就讀新北市私立幼兒園五歲低社經幼兒的生活經驗敘說,探究其呈現出的生活樣貌為何。研究者以「參與觀察」的方式,在自由活動時間進入班級,以觀察記錄和錄音資料蒐集幼兒在自然情境之中所描繪的生活經驗敘說。資料分析方式以Labov敘說理論中的「敘說評論」的角度進行敘說分析,尋找幼兒生活經驗敘說中之敘說評論所呈現的生活樣貌。以下是本研究之主要結果說明: 一、 低社經幼兒密切參與成人生活,例如對成人偶像劇的熟悉與喜好。此外,因為居住於都市近郊,也生活形態同時兼具鄉村與都市的特色,他們對3C產品有高度的興趣。 二、 低社經幼兒在敘說中關注父母物質經濟的狀況,並呈現自身對物質的渴望,低社經幼兒也能夠覺察到家庭的經濟狀況。 三、 低社經幼兒在敘說中提及打罵事件,反映出低社經家庭不避諱提及家中發生的負面事件。 四、 低社經幼兒在敘說中將延伸家庭成員視為家人,且與親族密切互動,反映了親族為低社經家庭社會網絡的情形。 五、 敘說中呈現年長手足正面且較有能力的形象,反映了低社經家庭中年長手足扮演對年幼手足知識傳遞的角色。 六、 本研究也發現,低社經幼兒的生活經驗敘說呈現出其對生活建構的主體性。 同時,依研究結果本論文提出對未來研究、教學現場的相關建議。
This study aimed to understand children’s lives from their personal narratives. Five participants were five years of age and from low-socioeconomic families. They attended a private kindergarten in outskirts of New Taipei city. Participant observations during free-play time were the primary method to collect children’s naturally occurred personal narrative. Based on Labovian theory of narrative structure, narrative evaluations were selected for further qualitative analyses to understand the children’s lives. The main results are as the following: 1. The children’s personal narratives demonstrated that children’s daily lives were closely involved with adults’. These children were very familiar with soap operas on TV. Their life styles combined urban with country features. They also showed great interest in 3C products. 2. The children showed their care about their parents’ economic conditions. Their material desires were also manifested in their narratives. These children were aware of families’ finical conditions. Mentioning the events of spanking and scolding in the families reflected that low-socioeconomic families did not avoid talking about negative events in the families. 3. These children considered members of extended families were close and maintained intimate interactions with them. This phenomenon reflected their larger social and familial network. The images of older siblings were positive and competent. This reflected that older siblings played the role transferring knowledge. 4. The results also revealed their subjectivity in constructing their lives. Finally, implications and suggestions for future studies and teaching were provided.
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