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Title: 國中綜合活動領域實施情感智慧教育之行動研究
Action Research on Emotional Intelligence Education in Junior High Integrative Activities Curriculum
Authors: 黃迺毓
chia-hsuan Lin
Keywords: 國中生
Junior high school students
Journey to intimacy curriculum
Emotional intelligence
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討教師如何發展情感智慧教育課程、情感智慧教育課程對國中生及師生互動的影響,以及研究者在發展課程歷程中之專業成長。透過行動研究,以國中七年級學生做為研究對象,進行情感智慧教育課程。本研究之發現如下: 1.情感智慧教育課程對於學生的情感自我表達、情感體察及衝突管理部分有助益。情感智慧教育為學生提供了另一種學習的方式、讓學生學習如何去表達情感、感受到身旁人的鼓勵與讚美,在充滿愛的環境下學習,讓學生得到正向的學習經驗。 2.情感智慧教育課程對於師生互動而言,有正向的影響,尤其使師生在互動關係更多元化。 3.對教師專業成長而言,除了教學技巧的提昇之外,對整個教育過程而言,透過課程研發與行動研究過程能有效提升教師專業知能。 本研究根據上述結果,分別學校及教育行政單位、國中教師、家長以及未來研究提出建議以供參考。
This study aimed to investigate how teachers developed the emotional intelligence curriculum, its impacts on junior high school students and the teacher-student interaction, as well as the professional growth the researcher might achieve while developing the curriculum. This study took the seventh graders who received the emotional intelligence curriculum as its research subjects and found that; (1) Emotional intelligence curriculum helps students to express themselves, to discern their emotions and to manage conflicts. Emotional intelligence education provides students with an alternative learning method; it allows students to learn to express emotions, to feel other people's encouragement and praise, and to get a positive learning experience in a loving learning environment. (2) Emotional intelligence curriculum has positive effects on teacher-student interaction; it makes the interaction between teachers and students more diversified. (3) Besides enhancing teaching skills, developing the curriculum and doing an action research on it could effectively enhance a teacher’s professional knowledge and abilities. According to the research results, this study made several suggestions respectively for schools and educational administrative units, junior high school teachers, parents and also for future research.
Other Identifiers: GN0697060093
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