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Title: 國際來臺背包客旅遊中飲食體驗之研究
International Backpacker’s Food Experience of the Journey in Taiwan
Authors: 劉元安
Yuan-An Liu
Yu-Ching Sang
Keywords: 國際背包客
international backpacker
hermeneutic phenomenology
dining experience barriers
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究運用詮釋現象學方法詮釋背包客在旅遊的界域中,飲食的意義-- 如何在旅遊中展開飲食行為、以及行為中「吃什麼」、「為什麼吃」、以及「吃到什麼」的意義。受訪者是經過立意抽樣法所取得22位來台的國際背包客,從深度訪談所得到的逐字稿文本,使用「主題分析法」對文本進行分析,最後分析出六個旅遊中飲食意義的主題為: (一) 旅遊為飲食、飲食為旅遊; (二) 眼耳鼻舌口、真實跟著走; (三) 嚐試新奇、體驗逃離; (四) 發現差異、記住臺灣; (五) 飲食體驗最高峰、探索學習在其中; (六) 盲點缺失、阻礙體驗。不僅如此,本研究還得到來台背包客主要從嗅覺、味覺,和視覺,建構出台灣飲食真實性的本質為:多元種類、有在地文化、有服務品質、價格相對便宜、以及有濃郁的人情味。在學術意涵上,本研究除了是觀光領域少數以詮釋現象學取向建構出國際背包客在台灣飲食的基礎經驗的研究外,還發現飲食經驗中「嗅覺」比「味覺」早一步影響背包客的食物選擇,飲食本身的「味道」不但在背包客飲食經驗中有具體呈現,還是背包客心目中台灣飲食真實性的基礎。最後,飲食體驗的阻礙也是另一項重要發現,研究者也針對背包客所遇到的飲食體驗阻礙因素進行討論,並提出具體的實務建議。
The present study applied hermeneutic phenomenology to construct the essence of the backpacker’s dining experiences in the precinct of travel— how he started to dine, what he ate, why he ate, and what the dining meant to him. Using purposeful sampling, a total of 22 international backpackers were interviewed. All the texts were managed with thematic analysis, and six themes were generated: “travel to dine, dine to travel”, “gaining authenticity of Taiwan through sensations”, “trying the novelty, escaping from routine”, “remembering Taiwan with dining differentiation”, “self-exploring and self-learning”, and “barriers to my dinning experience”. Besides, the backpacker’s senses of smell, taste, and sight pinpointed the authenticity of dining in Taiwan, including: variety of food and drink, local culture, service quality, relatively low price, and rich human touch. This study also realized that “smell” was the most obvious sense impacting on the food choice of the backpacker. Finally, the present study provided a precise understanding about the barriers of dining experience among backpackers. Important implications were outlined for the government and the industry accordingly.
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