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Title: 幼教教學案例發展工作坊歷程之研究
Developing real-life teaching cases by a workshop of ECE teachers
Authors: 林育瑋
Keywords: 案例發展
case developing
case writing
case dicussion
kindergarten teachers
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究主要探討以工作坊發展幼教案例之運作歷程。採質性研究取向,透過觀察、訪談、收集文件檔案方式進行資料蒐集,以了解工作坊的發展歷程、老師參與的感受、工作小組運作團體的策略、以及影響工作坊運作的因素。研究發現如下: 一、 「建立案例相關知能」及「案例討論」協助老師釐清案例撰寫中的盲點,對案例發展相當有幫助。 二、 案例可作為瞭解教師專業發展階段的參考:老師所撰寫的案例呈現自己的關注焦點,年資不同的老師所關注的焦點也不同,可作為教師專業發展階段的參考。 三、 老師參與工作坊的收穫,包含:提昇案例知能、拓展視野、建立支持性社群、促進專業成長、以及獲得成就感。 四、 影響工作坊運作的因素如下:同中有異的成員組成、溝通模式改變、支持的氣氛、工作小組的策略運用及領導者的角色改變。 根據研究發現,本研究針對工作坊、後續想要發展案例者、幼教老師以及未來研究提出建議。
The purpose of this study was to explore the process of developing real-life teaching cases by a workshop of ECE teachers. This workshop was composed of 12 kindergarten teachers and 4 researchers. Through 11 meetings during 6 mouths, 14 teaching cases were developed by the teachers. Data were collected through observations, interviews, and documents. The main findings were listed as following: a. Acquiring basic knowledge about case (case method) and case discussing were helpful for developing cases. b. The cases could be the basis for understanding the teachers’ professional development. c. The teachers learned a lot during the case developing process, including acquiring knowledge about case, broadening their horizons, establishing a supportive group, finding self-fulfillment and promoting professional development . d. The factors which influenced the workshop include: composition of the members, supportive atmosphere, the communication pattern and the role of the leader.
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